• The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) temporary fees period ends on 31 March 2021
  • The temporary changes were made to some fees for registered IP rights in July 2020 
  • The changes were made to to support customers through the pandemic
  • The fee changes related to patent, SPC, trade mark and registered design rights.
  • More information on the end of fee changes for specific rights is available online.

In July 2020 The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) announced the introduction of a period of temporary fees that would remain in place until 31 March 2021. Relevant to patent, SPC, trade mark and registered design rights, the temporary fee changes were put in place to support IPO’s customers through challenges they might experience during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

On 2nd March the IPO issued a reminder that temporary fees will end, as scheduled, on 31 March 2021. Information relating to specific rights is available on the IPO’s Temporary Fee Changes page.

The IPO has reassured customers that it will continue to take whatever measures it can to support rights applicants, rights holders and representatives who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  

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