Update from the EPO on receiving PCT communications electronically from them:

Since November 2022, international agents have the option to receive communications electronically through the electronic Mailbox within MyEPO Portfolio. This includes all communications from the EPO in the international phase, in instances where the EPO is not the Receiving Office (RO) but acts as the (Supplementary) International Search Authority (SISA/ISA) or International Preliminary Examination Authority (IPEA). Examples of such communications include the international search report and the written opinion. 

This digital service not only reduces paper consumption but also ensures the timely delivery of communications without the risk of loss through paper mail delivery.

The MyEPO Portfolio Mailbox offers several user-friendly features:

  • Users can opt to receive email notifications when new communications arrive in their Mailbox.
  • Communications can easily be viewed and downloaded by logging in through two-factor authentication at MyEPO Portfolio.

Over 600 companies currently benefit from this service, allowing them to access communications immediately in a high-quality electronic format. In addition, this service significantly contributes to our sustainability goals and has already generated savings of over 2.7 million sheets of paper since its launch.

If you would like to find out more about this service provided by the EPO, join the free seminar on 30 April 2024.

As additional resources, you may find the following links to previous seminars useful:

If you have any inquiries regarding the use of the Mailbox for receiving PCT communications, please reach out to EPO at www.epo.org/support or contact your EPO key account manager, if one is assigned to you.


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