News from the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO):

Any change to the Exhaustion of Rights framework for the UK has the potential to affect many business sectors and consumers.

The government has completed an initial analysis of the recent consultation. Unfortunately, there is not enough data available to understand the economic impact of any of the alternatives to the current UK+ regime. As a result, it has not been possible to make a decision based on the criteria originally intended. However, the government remains committed to exploring the opportunities which might come from a change to the regime. Further development of the policy framework needs to happen before reconsidering the evidence and making a decision on the future exhaustion of IP rights regime.

We do not currently have a timeframe for a decision, but we will provide a further update to stakeholders and businesses in due course.

The government has published the summary of responses to this consultation.

Find out more at: UK’s future exhaustion of intellectual property rights regime - GOV.UK (


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