Code Name Title Download
EXCO/IT60/RES/001 Procedure for granting patents
EXCO/IT60/RES/002 Bringing different procedures and legislation into line
EXCO/IT60/RES/003 Protection of drawings and specimens
EXCO/IT60/RES/004BC Trade Marks and Specimens
EXCO/IT60/RES/004E Protection of Pharmaceutical Products
EXCO/IT60/RES/004F Reform of the examination procedure in the United States
EXCO/IT60/RES/006 Professional activities of Patent Agents
EXCO/IT60/RES/007B1 Extension of times
EXCO/IT60/RES/007B2 Service Marks
EXCO/IT60/RES/008A Obtaining a valid filing date
EXCO/IT60/RES/008D Deontology