Vikrant Rana, Managing Partner, S.S. Rana & Co, IP & Corporate Law Practice, New Delhi, India

Vikrant’s 27 years’ experience in IP protection and enforcement in India, and across the world, is rich in accomplishments and provided a grandstand seat to observe the growth of IP activity in India, especially over recent years.

He comments:

“It is noteworthy to mention that as per the recent reports of the Indian IP office, the number of patent applications filed by nationals has surpassed for the second consecutive year and domestic patent filings is 52.29% of total patent filings for the period 2022-23. Similarly, domestic trademark filings are 97.15% of total trademark filings for the period 2022-2023.


“The aforesaid numbers speak volumes about the transition that we have witnessed in IPR regime in India in the past decade and while I feel that they may be miniscule, I’m proud that my efforts have been instrumental in this paradigm shift.”


Vikrant reflects on his professional journey during this period:

“I started my career in IP in 1996 and at that time there was less awareness about IPR and its importance in India. The IPR landscape at that point of time was at a nascent age. 


“Even the administration at the Indian IP offices were at the stage of evolution. I have literally seen the transition from standing in the queue to file at the trademark office to online filing of trademark in a click of a button.” 


As well as advising Fortune 500 companies and the world’s leading corporations, Vikrant is registered as an IPR facilitator with the Indian IP office.

IPR facilitators are registered under the Government’s Scheme of Startup Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP), to facilitate and provide guidance to startups for registration of their IPR. Under the scheme, only official fees are paid by startups and no professional fees are levied on them. 

In this role, Vikrant has assisted more than 100 start-ups and grass root innovators in protection and enforcement of their IP in India and across the world.

Professional Background & Expertise

Vikrant joined the family-founded firm SS Rana & Co in 1996 and is now managing partner. The firm’s corporate office is in New Delhi and has several fully owned and associate offices throughout the region.

Education & Training

  • B.A. Economics Honors Delhi University (1993)
  • LL.B University of Delhi (1996)
  • Enrolled with Bar Council of Delhi (1996)
  • Patent Agent (1998)
  • Advocate-on-Record, Supreme Court of India (2007)
  • Appointed as the Professor of Practice by Law College, Dehradun, Uttaranchal University (June 2023)

Professional Satisfaction as an Independent IP Attorney

Participating and contributing to the spectacular growth of IP activity in India is deservedly high on Vikrant’s list of professional satisfactions:

“I have participated in several activities and initiated efforts aimed at increasing IPR awareness in India. And these efforts and endeavours have been one of the most satisfying aspects of my career as an independent attorney.”


One of those efforts to raise the awareness of IPR in India is helping empower women to choose science and technology careers.

One of the government associations with which Vikrant is involved is TIFAC (Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council) where he is a frequent speaker. 

One of TIFAC’s projects is KIRAN-IPR, which serves as a catalyst for women to build careers in science and technology.

Vikrant explains:

“One of the initiatives of KIRAN-IPR is the ‘Wise Internship in IPR’ which prepares women for self-employment by providing them on-job training in the area of IPR. Under this initiative, the firm has been providing internship opportunities to women scientists in the patents department of the firm.”


As if that was not enough, Vikrant also pursues his passion for increasing awareness of IPR among young students through a platform he created called IP4Kids, backed and promoted by his firm, S.S. Rana & Co.

“Through this platform we work towards the sensitization of young students about IPR so that the young creators and innovators are more aware about their creations and protections across various avenues such as design, trademark, patent and copyright. 


“The initiative also promotes creativity and innovation in young minds and conveys to them how to manage their rights over such works. 


“Through our IP4Kids platform, the firm has also been actively participating in the Innovation Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India at the National Science Centre, since the year 2016. During the festival, IP4Kids installs a unique booth to impart the importance of protection to innovators and inventors.” 


Older students are not forgotten in the IPR awareness initiatives of Vikrant and his firm, which has signed Memorandums of Understanding with several colleges and universities to organize seminars to spread awareness of IP.

Recent Client Challenge

Vikrant recently was faced with an intriguing case in which fraudulent brand franchises were being offered through websites. 

Vikrant explains:

“The modus operandi of these imposters is that they create fake and fraudulent websites where they provide very basic information of the brand, upload its brand logo, actual photographs, and provide a page for ‘contact us’ and ‘apply now’ for offering franchise or dealership of the concerned brand. 


“They also issue fake and forged documents, including invoices, on the company letterheads, misusing its CIN, GSTIN, corporate stamp, signatures of CEOs and official addresses. 


“They receive huge amounts of money in the name of the victim brand, in their bank accounts. As soon as the money is deposited in these fraudulent bank accounts, it is withdrawn using ATM cards. 


“Further, as soon as one website is taken down, a new mirror website is registered by these Imposters. Many times, they register multiple misleading domain names with different Domain Name Registrars in advance as a back-up plan.”


The case presented a fresh set of challenges and a new perspective of brand infringement wherein Vikrant and his team had to work in association with domain name registrars, investigation officers, the cyber cell, as well as the Court. In the end they were able to protect the brand of the client and legal actions were taken against the imposters. 

Vikrant says the steps taken included:

“Given the nature of the illegal and unscrupulous activities of the imposters we sent “Take Down Notices” to the Domain Name Registrars for suspending the fraudulent domain names, filing complaints with the respective Cyber Crime Cell department to investigate the offence. 


“In a few cases, we also filed suit for infringement of brand name with the relevant Court. 


“It is notable to mention that in consequence of the increase in emergence of such cases, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has taken cognizance of the matter and has clubbed 30 cases of similar kind which also includes matters of our clients.


“The said batch matter is trying to find a solution to the existing problem in the banking, domain name, and telephone services system, that is allowing such frauds to take place. 


“One of the key changes this batch matter has achieved is that the central banking authority of India, the Reserve Bank of India has proposed the implementation of a system, by June 2024, that will allow users to see the account holder’s name prior to depositing money in their account.”


Best Practice to Share

Not surprisingly given Vikrant’s work to promote awareness of IPR among women, young students and others, the firm is also strong on diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) and has received awards for its DEI efforts.

“Diversity and gender inclusivity lies at the heart of S.S. Rana & Co. Since its very beginning in 1989, the Firm has consistently focused on its core values of female empowerment and diversity and has evolved as a firm that is pre-dominantly led by women.


“Our DEI efforts have been recognized and we have been awarded as India's Best Workplaces for Women (Mid-size) 2023 by the Great Place to Work® Institute (India).


“We always endeavour to induct minimum 50% women employees into our workforce. While our non-legal teams have a strength of 32% female employees, our legal teams have a commendable strength of 61% female employees for past three years.” 

Changes to the IP Profession

As with many others in the IP profession, Vikrant looks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the source of future impact on the practice of the independent IP attorney.

He explains:

“AI can be a boon or a bane for an IP Attorney. 


“Attorneys should try to use AI responsibly to reap maximum benefits. The responsible use of AI in the legal profession can make the practices of an IP attorney more productive, cost effective and time efficient. 


“Today there are numerous law firms that are using AI tools for their practices. To incorporate AI into our practices we need to carefully analyze and study the ethical issues, IPR issues, accountability as well as reliability issues.”

Value of FICPI membership

Vikrant has been a member of FICPI for 12 years, having joined in February 2012 and has since served on several committees locally and internationally. He is currently the head of the FICPI Practice Management Committee’s Tech Group.

He has enjoyed the professional and personal benefits that FICPI offers members of its global community.

“FICPI brings to the table a diverse set of thoughts and opens up our minds to diverse perspectives. 


“It is essential that we are aware about the aspects of IP practices across the globe and meeting FICPI members elevates my IP knowledge and many times helped me in identifying challenges faced by my firm and the ways to resolve the same. 


“FICPI’s PMC is unique and one of the few association committees that delves into the intricacies of law firm management. Hence, engaging in the PMC has a lot to offer in terms of practice management, professional development and best practices followed by law firms across the globe.”

Final word – outside of work

With this incredibly busy and accomplished professional life, it’s not surprising that Vikrant likes to relax outside of work. His preferred way of doing so is yoga – and he has found the time to become a certified instructor.

“I am a certified yoga Instructor and practice yoga regularly. In pursuance of my passion for yoga, along with two of my dear friends, both IP Attorneys, from Brazil and France, I started the initiative of ‘IP Yogis’. Through this initiative we organize and conduct yoga sessions in various IP conferences across the globe.”


He also finds time for badminton, running marathons and playing with his beloved pet dogs.