14 October 2020 // The new German Standard DIN 77006

First broadcast on Wednesday 14th October 2020

How to help a client set up an IP management system - the new German Standard DIN 77006 on Quality in IP Management

Dr. Malte Köllner (Germany), European patent attorney and FICPI member, introduced and moderated this session. 

Keynote speaker:

Our keynote is Professor Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer (Germany), of Wurzer & Kollegen, who was chairman of the standardisation committee that established the new German standard, DIN 77006. He will explain the contents of the standard and answer questions from delegates.

Alexander is also Professor for IP management at CEIPI, the European Center for IP Education and Studies at the University of Strasbourg; he has published over 200 articles and papers, including many books on the economic use of intellectual property.

This is part of FICPI’s “Connect, Share & Grow” webinar series focusing on topics from FICPI’s Work and Study Committee and the Professional Excellence Committee.

We hope you will join us for some or all of our 16-part Wednesday free webinar series that will showcase the active role that FICPI takes in promoting the IP profession around the globe.