9 December 2020 // IP Data Exchange Standards

First broadcast on 9 December 2020

First use cases of IP data exchange standards for improved communication between IP stakeholders

The challenge: lack of common IP data exchange standards

Due to the territorial nature of IP rights, market players have developed worldwide networks, interacting with many other players, both locally and internationally.

Each player generates, manages, stores and transmits IP-related data to other players around the world.

While the data required by each player is roughly the same, how such data is transmitted or exploited will be different depending on whether the interested party is an IP owner, an IP firm or a Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Even worse, in practice, every IP owner, IP firm or PTO operates differently. Software and service providers generally adapt their solutions to specifics imposed by their customers.

Such an approach engenders loss of efficiency and increases the risk of human error, while the consequence of any data error may lead to loss of Rights.

The speakers will introduce a proposed standard for more efficient communication among IP professionals (outside and inside counsels, patent and trademark offices): France’s AFNOR standard NF X50-276.

The panel will then present pragmatic examples of implementing the standard within their respective organisations or with their respective clients, and illustrate the associated benefits:

  • Automated docketing data exchange
  • Automated invoice management
  • IPX, an open platform for IP data exchange
  • Standardised data exchange projects at the French Patent and Trademark Office (INPI)
  • Illustrative use cases in managing a large IP portfolio