31 March 2021 // Liability for online marketplaces

An ever-increasing number of consumers around the globe are using online marketplaces as part of their daily lives.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of commerce and online platforms have taken an important role in providing intermediate information on goods and services, and in facilitating commercial transactions. The digital transformation and the enhanced role of online marketplaces has brought not only major benefits, but also challenges. The online sale of counterfeit goods that harms legitimate businesses is an increasing concern for brand owners and the issue of the liability of online intermediaries is both a hot topic and a challenge for IP practitioners.

In this online session we discuss:

  • The status, practice and trends of EU legislation and case law on the liability of online intermediaries
  • The issue of the liability of online marketplaces from the US law perspective
  • The anticipated changes in the landscape of liability of online intermediaries via the EU Digital Services Act
  • Other initiatives taken by networks of stakeholders and experts with relation to IP protection in electronic commerce marketplaces