New communication methods to keep FICPI members updated

A consultation process across the FICPI membership earlier this year revealed that there was a desire to see FICPI information shared in a more timely manner, and in a way that was more accessible to all groups.

Over the past few months, work has been underway behind the scenes to review existing communications and to examine how they could become more engaging to existing members and more attractive to prospective members.

A team has also been discussing additional communications platforms and how they might be brought into the mix.

This blog platform is one of the new communications initiatives we are launching this month, along with a refreshed newsletter and enhanced LinkedIn presence. I’m delighted to say that the FICPI Bureau has appointed me as Newsletter and Blog Editor, in order to help generate content, encourage contributors, edit contributions, keep contributions in line with FICPI core messaging, and publish them according to a set schedule.

We are starting with an ambitious programme of four blog items per month, one newsletter per month, and an increased social media presence - thanks to dedicated time and resource focused on FICPI’s LinkedIn presence.

Editorial Board

We are also in the process of building an Editorial Board who will work with FICPI president, Julian Crump; Deputy Secretary General, Elia Sugrañes; Alexander Wyrwoll, President of the Communications Commission, and myself, to help set the agenda for the blog and newsletter topics.

The Board will meet on a quarterly basis to help to ensure that the blog and newsletter address topics of concern across geographical territories and areas of interest. The intention is that the blog will cover categories such as IP news and developments, FICPI news and updates, conferences and events, professional standards and best practice, IP practice management, IP asset management, and FICPI committees and   working groups.

Guidance to blog writers

We have devised some easy-to-follow blog guidelines which we hope will make it straightforward for contributors to home in on the key points they want to share and to make submissions as time-efficient as possible for the contributors.

Benefits to members

These developments are aimed at making it easier for members to identify information that’s relevant to them, to keep updated, and to get involved.

Find out more

Download the communications presentation delivered by FICPI president, Julian Crump, during the 18th Open Forum in Vienna in October 2019.

How to get involved

If you have an idea for the newsletter or blog, please submit your idea or outline to me on: [email protected] for discussion with the Editorial Board. I can also share the blog writing guidelines with you by return.