I was ready for this, not the global pandemic, but working from home whilst our country locked down.

I’m the flame-haired whirlwind you will likely have met at FICPI events and I have worked from my home in the middle part of the UK for most of the past 9 years as FICPI's Administrator and Webmaster.  Initially one day each week, then two, then whichever days the then Secretary General, and now President, Julian, was out of the office himself. 

Add in a whole year at home on maternity leave; I remember there being lots of baby groups and cake.

What has changed? 

Well, I certainly have eaten a lot of cake in the past 10 weeks of the British lockdown; baking is one of the best ways to keep an eight-year-old entertained.  But the biggest change for me is that home schooling is possible if your daughter is in the mood for it.  I have also learnt that Maths remains my least successful subject and I am fortunate enough to have married an accountant (who regularly reminds me that accountants do not necessarily have to be good at maths).

I’m extremely active in FICPI’s Covid-19 resource team.  Fortunately, FICPI had recently subscribed to two vastly different platforms for the Training and Education Commission to run webinars on.  Even with an IT training background, I certainly thought I would have more than two days to get up to speed on running LIVE webinars.  I’m also the hidden participant in every webinar practice session and live broadcast; have you ever wondered who is being asked to display the next slide, displaying a gallery screen of what is coming next?

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that I am involved in too, including the redevelopment of the website.

But, how does an administrator work successfully from home?

Discipline mostly. 

Plus lots of technology.

Tech is everything!

I have a height adjustable desk which fortunately enough drops down low enough for my 5’ stature.  On that sits my PC, dual monitors, laptop (for its webcam), smartphone and occasionally my tablet.  I take regular breaks, courtesy of hourly motion reminders from my smartwatch; if it were not for that I'd sit down for too many hours. 

My husband works from home too, so we take it in turns to make the drinks. 

I think I am more fortunate than most.  In a former life, during my 20 years as a seasoned London commuter, I had been a legal secretary turned IT and soft skills trainer (do you remember the days when new office equipment necessitated training sessions?).  The soft skills training ensures that I have properly set up my workspace, that I remain active and as a result, healthy.

I’m still eating the cake though… 

Next steps

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  • Or if you have any comments on the website design, please get in touch.

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