I know by the large turnout for the ‘Profit Generation’ discussion at the World Congress in Cannes in September 2022 and the subsequent questions from FICPI members, that many members have a deep interest in the topic and are eagerly following the major initiative launched by FICPI’s Practice Management Committee (PMC).

The fruits of the Profit Generation study will be shared at the FICPI 21st Open Forum in London in October (go to https://ficpi.org/ficpi-21st-open-forum if you have not registered yet), but we have made great strides in the early months of the year.

As it is a complex topic, we are partnering with an external consultant. As I write, an initial survey is in the field – most of you will have already received the quick and easy form which merely asks, “What are you responsible for in your firm?”

Please complete and return the form if you have not already done so – it takes no more than two minutes to do so.

The data we will compile from that initial feedback will be used to conduct a more in-depth survey mid-April aimed only at FICPI members who are involved in finance and firm management.

We will keep you informed of progress in these quarterly updates that I and other Committee presidents will be delivering throughout the year as part of a commitment to keeping FICPI’s global community better informed of the work of our major committees.

Get involved

Other achievements by PMC during the first quarter include the near completion of the restructuring of our committee around five groups, each with its own specific focus.

We have leaders and lots of volunteers for Human Resources; Governance, Risk & Compliance; Technology; and Finance. The topics and groups are featured in our monthly virtual meetings and began early this year.

We are still looking for a leader for the Business Development & Marketing group. If anyone is interested in this topic and would like to join PMC to pursue it, we are eager to hear from you.

The new structure of PMC was one of the topics that we focused upon when we joined a meeting on March 22nd hosted by FICPI’s French National Association, Association de Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (ACPI). Such meetings are great communication and recruitment opportunities!

Join us in Atlanta

On April 19th 2023, we are looking forward to an in-person meeting of the PMC in Atlanta, with two guest speakers from US firms. PMC Vice-President, Louis-Pierre Gravelle, and I are excited to be joining the meeting.

The Atlanta PMC gathering takes place on the morning before our fellow FICPI Study and Work Committee, known as the CET, hosts a 2pm-6pm seminar, followed by a reception, on ‘Developments in IP Law’, to be held at the Kimpton Shane Hotel (register for the seminar at https://ficpi.org/events/event/2023-ficpi-us-seminar-developments-ip-law).

I look forward to updating you regularly throughout the year on these and new projects and meetings.

If you have questions or would like to get involved with PMC, please email me at [email protected].