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07 Sep 2010


Event Title Executive Committee Meeting - Munich 2010
Session: Day 1
1 Expert Witnesses – the do’s and don’ts
Moderator(s): Danny Huntingdon (US) Moderator , Danny Huntingdon (US) Moderator
Author Document File
Greg Chambers (AU)
Doug Deeth (CA)
2 Arbitration and Mediation as True Alternatives to Litigation – The Much Less Formal Resolution
Author Document File
Maxin Waldbaum (US) Moderator
Markus Hössle (DE)
Paul Lurie (US)
Irena Vanenkova (IMI, the Hague)
3 “The same invention or not the same invention”: That is the question. But what is the answer?
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Daniel Alge (AT) Moderator
Thorsten Bausch (DE)
Ingwer Koch (EPO)
3.2/3.3 Mediation Workshop
Moderator(s): Maxim Waldbaum (US) , Miguel O'Farrell (AR) , Harry Reinhardt (DE) , Irena Venenkova (IMI-The Hague) , Maxim Waldbaum (US) , Miguel O'Farrell (AR) , Harry Reinhardt (DE) , Irena Venenkova (IMI-The Hague)
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Erik Wilbers (WIPO)
4.1 “Da mihi factum, dabo tibi ius”: Give me the facts, I'll give you the law! But how?
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Werner Roshardt (CH) Moderator
Judge Michael Fysh, SC, QC (GB)
Olaf Giebe (DE)
Barry Graham (US)
4.2 Arbitration workshop
Moderator(s): Maxim Waldbaum (US) , Michael Warnecke (US)
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Sumiko Kobayashi (JP)
Paul Lurie (US)
Erik Wilbers (WIPO)
4.3 Virtual Design Theft – Can It Be Stopped?
Moderator(s): Andrew Parkes (IE) , David Musker (GB)
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Robert S. Katz (US)
Session: Day 2
5.1 “The Language of Claims”: the secrets and shallows of claim interpretation
Moderator(s): Eric le Forestier (FR) Moderator
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Alain Aucoin (CA)
Axel von Hellfeld (DE)
5.2 Mentoring ‐ What exactly is it and how does one go about doing it?
Moderator(s): Frank Barendregt (NL) Moderator
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Ida Abbott (US)
Alain Leclerc (CA)
5.3 “What is the optimum system?”: Review of European Trade Mark System
Moderator(s): Elia Sugrañes (ES) Moderator
Author Document File
Gary Krugman (US)
Annette Kur (Max‐Planck‐Institute)
Peter Lawrence (OHIM)
6.1 “Bilski and the Brimelow questions”: What is patentable?
Author Document File
Alexander Esslinger (DE) Moderator
Erika Arner (US)
Stephen Krouzecky (AU)
6.2 “Are you engaging?”: Engagement Letters and Effective Communication
Author Document File
Bill Schuurman (US) Moderator
Leo Jessen (NL)
Christian Schieber (AU)
6.3 New Marks – Old Laws
Moderator(s): Coleen Morrison (CA) Moderator
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Toni Ashton (CA)
Ho‐Hyun Nahm (KR)
7.1/7.2 “Infringement of Claims”: the Doctrine of Equivalents and related issues
Moderator(s): Jürgen Schmidtchen (DE) Moderator
Author Document File
Judge Prof. Peter Meier‐Beck (DE)
Judge Paul Michel (US)
Chief Judge Tomokatsu Tsukahara (JP)
7.3 TLDs ‐ enforcement of rights
Moderator(s): Petter Rindforth (SE) Moderator
Author Document File
Jonathan Cohen (CA)
Gabriel Leonardos (BR)
Dawn Osborne (Palmer Biggs Legal, GB)
Nick Wood (ComLaude, GB)
8.1 Recent Developments: USPTO and EPO – Where are we going?
Moderator(s): Peter Huntsman (AU) Moderator , Benoît Battistelli (EPO)
Author Document File
Robert Stoll (USPTO)


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EXCO/DE10/RES/001 Consideration of Test Results
EXCO/DE10/RES/002 PLT Relief and Reinstatement Measures
EXCO/DE10/RES/003 Patentability of Second (or Further) Medical Uses