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09 Nov 2011


Event Title Executive Committee Meeting - Rome 2011
Session: Day 1
Rome Working Programme
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1 Privilege: Is it necessary? What have we been fighting for?
Moderator(s): Judge Arthur Gajarsa (US)
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Leo Jessen (NL) Moderator
Greg Chambers (AU)
Maxim Waldbaum (US)
2.1/2.2 Electronic disclosures as source of: prior art and infringement
Moderator(s): Stephen Krouzecky (AU) Moderator
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Mauro Eccetto (IT)
Michele Provera (IT)
Wouter Verburg (OHIM)
2.3 Business software and office systems: how do you run an IP practice efficiently in the e‐age
Moderator(s): Roberto Pistolesi (IT) Moderator
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Stephen Perry (CA)
Bill McFarlane (AU)
3.1 Requirements for obtaining grant and infringement ‐ are they balanced in US, EP and JP
Moderator(s): Robert Storey (CA) Moderator
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Shogo Ohnishi (JP)
Alessandro Steinfl (EP, US)
3.2 Search Engine Keywords –Google and Beyond
Moderator(s): Benjamin A. du Chaffaut (Google, FR) , James Fish (GB) , Alexandra Neri (FR)
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James Fish (GB) Moderator
3.3 Start up companies, alternative fee arrangements: how can we help them?
Moderator(s): JoAnna Esty (US) , Fernando Triana (ASIPI, CO)
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R. Danny Huntington (US) Moderator
4.1 Patent disclosure: meeting expectations
Moderator(s): Len Svensson (US) Moderator
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Robert W. Bahr (US USPTO)
Markus Hössle (DE)
4.2 Register clogging and goods/services designation: US versus the European model
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James Fish (IT) Moderator
Neville Cordell (GB)
Bob Sacoff (US)
Imogen Wiseman (GB)
4.3 IP Audits and managing intellectual assets: opportunities for the profession
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Christian Schieber (AU) Moderator
Sandra Clelland (ZA)
Jérôme Collin (FR)
Thomas Waldbaum (US)
Session: Day 2
5. Standards and professionalism: conflicts of interest, ethical walls and PI Insurance ‐why is it important for FICPI?
Moderator(s): Doug Deeth (CA) Moderator ,
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Mark Wilson (US)
6.1 Filing and prosecution strategies: PPH et al
Moderator(s): Daniel Alge (AT) Moderator
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Charles Eloshway (US)
Claus Matthes (WIPO)
6.2 The overall functioning of the trade mark system in Europe. The Max Planck Institute study and the European Commission proposals
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Louis-Alfonso Duran (ES) Moderator
James Fish (GB)
Elia Sugrañes (ES)
6.3 Social networks and marketing in the e‐age: is there any value in them for us?
Moderator(s): Eric le Forestier (FR) Moderator
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Gayatri Bhalla (US)
Catherine Douglas (CA)
7.1 Damages/compensation for patent infringement: Does the patent system currently deliver appropriate protection for the patentee?
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Sandro Hassan (IT) Moderator
Colin Birss (GB)
Barry Graham (US)
7.2 Design Rights: When Designs are Valid in Some Regions and Not in Others
Moderator(s): Matthias Bosch (DE) , Jay Sha (CN)
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Robert S. Katz (US) Moderator
7.3 Incentive schemes: do they really improve performance?
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Werner Roshardt (CH) Moderator
Alain Leclerc (CA)
Yves Van Durme
8. How will the USPTO implement patent law reform?
Moderator(s): Peter Huntsman (AU) Moderator
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David J. Kappos (Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)) (US)


Code Name Title Download
EXCO/IT11/RES/001 Direct Communications from Offices to Rights Holders
EXCO/IT11/RES/002 Post-Filing Amendments
EXCO/IT11/RES/003 Reinstatement of Rights in Industrial Designs
EXCO/IT11/RES/004 Dies Non and Electronic Filing
EXCO/IT11/RES/005 Third Party Submissions on Patentability
EXCO/IT11/RES/006 Voluntary Filing and Publication of Translations for the European Patent with unitary effect
EXCO/IT11/RES/007 Technically Qualified Judges in the First Instance of the Unified Patent Court