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08 - 11 Oct 2019


Event Title FICPI 18th Open Forum - Vienna 2019
Session: Day 1
Welcome to FICPI's 18th Open Forum!
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Julian Crump
1 Protecting Product Configurations in The Current Climate – Practice Tips and Avoiding Potential Pitfalls
Moderator(s): Robert S. Katz
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Michael Conway
Shirley Fu
Jaime Lemons
2.1 Transfer of priority rights in view of the recent CRISPR-Cas9 case in Europe
Moderator(s): Gustavo Barbosa
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Michael Caine
Reinoud Hesper
R. Danny Huntington
Robert Watson
2.2 Recent Court Decisions Affecting IP Licensing: Perspectives and Practical Implications
Moderator(s): Bastiaan Koster
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John C. Paul
Jean-Christophe Troussel
Audrey Yap
2.3 Key Performance Indicators: Improving your Firm's Introspection
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Patrick Erk
Marek Łazewski
Łukasz Sienkiewicz, Ph.D.
3.1 Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) – where to from here?
Moderator(s): Philip Mendes da Costa
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Stephen Beney
Brendan Bourke
Robert Stoll
3.2 House Marks: The Big Players on the Block
Moderator(s): John Pickerill
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Praneet Singh Davar
Charles Feng
Ian GIll
Louise Myburgh
3.3 Delighting the Client
Moderator(s): Ximena Castellanos
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Stephen Krouzecky
Fabrice Mattei
Jeremy Stipkala
4.1 Incorporation of entire missing elements and parts by cross reference without losing filing date – can this apply to erroneously filed elements and parts?
Moderator(s): Vladimir Rybakov
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Greg Chambers
Reinoud Hesper
Charles Pearson
4.2 International Trademarks
Moderator(s): Gabriel Leonardos
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Laura Collada
Antonio Corte-Real
Juan Carlos Cuesta Quintero
Christopher Shen
4.3 Finance 101: Learning About the Economic Machinery of your IP Firm
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Louis Lagler, Charles Jeffries & Sevim Süzeroglu-Melchiors
Session: Day 2
5.1 Being a patent attorney in the XXI century
Moderator(s): Swarup Kumar , Alexander Wyrwoll
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Britta Fromow
Mariana Mostardeiro
Johan Örtenblad
5.2 Recognising Potential Conflicts in IP laws
Moderator(s): Kate O'Rourke
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Micheline Kelly Johnson
Richard Mair
Joseph S. Yang
5.3 Quality Assurance: Documenting and Improving your Firm’s Workflows
Moderator(s): André Werner
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James Chen
Bastiaan Koster
Vikrant Rana
6.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing of Human Organs, and other Emerging Technologies – Will the Patent System Need to Adapt?
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Brett Slaney
Gabe Montoya
Howard Read
6.2 Quality Standards at IP Offices
Moderator(s): Elia Sugrañes
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Rika Koinuma
Julio Laporta
Haiyan Zheng
6.3 Standardising Digital Communication in the IP World: How Will We Cooperate Globally in Tomorrow’s Digital Environment?
Moderator(s): Jean-Marc Brunel
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Marc Levieils
Doug Kneebone
Young-Woo Yun
7.1 SPCs in the EU – Are the regulations fit for purpose?
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Francesco Paolo Vatti
Paul Brady
Christopher Brückner
Michael Caine
Jürgen Dressel
7.2 Trialogue Between IP Owners, Shops Online, Platforms
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Petter Rindforth
Wenxuan Chen
Jonathan Cohen
Georges Nahitchevansky
Susan Payne
7.3 Tech Readiness: Digitalising your Law Firm
Moderator(s): Alexander Esslinger
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Gerd Hubscher
Anne Lévy
Georg Puchberger
Grégoire Triet