Since March 2022 INPI, the French Office of industrial Property (INPI) has been publishing a newsletter in English for a non-French-speaking readership, entitled INPI Law Journal.

The initiative is to accompany the French presidency of the European Union.

Issue 6 is now available and includes:

A feature article about the launch of the unitary patent and the Unified Patent Court, a summary of the latest decisions handed down by the French courts and INPI in the area of industrial property (IP), a glimpse into the history of trademarks with the latest exhibition drawn from INPI’s heritage archives, and the 2022 ranking of top patent filers at INPI. It also includes the latest news in international IP law, in particular the signing of a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) agreement between INPI and CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), and an agenda of upcoming IP-related events.

Subscription to the INPI Law Journal is free, just send the following message “I would like to subscribe to the INPI law Journal” to: [email protected].

The INPI Law Journal is published four times a year and is produced by the French IP review, PIBD, published by the French office since the 1st October 1968 (PIBC can be accessed at:​​​​​​​).

The INPI Law Journal aims to cover changes in French law and court rulings on intellectual property in France, as well as topics related to the mission statement of the French Office INPI’s with regard to the intellectual property rights and business ownership, and to present challenging subject matters such as technological upgrades made to its services (digitalisation, open data, artificial intelligence, and more).

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