For most of us, the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 was an opportunity to enjoy the best players in the world battling for the most prestigious trophy in the world.

For Jehad Al Hasan, founder and CEO of JAH Intellectual Property,  the tournament created the opportunity to tackle a particularly satisfying intellectual property challenge.

“A recent IP challenge that I enjoyed resolving was successfully pursuing some difficult enforcement matters during the World Cup in Qatar where my client rights were being infringed for which they needed quick legal remedies,” he explains.

“The scale of the event was massive; it was indeed a learning opportunity to be a part of such an initiative and also to get successful results and ensure that our client rights were upheld.”



Jehad Al Hasan founded JAH Intellectual Property in 1999. The firm’s expertise is in trade marks, patents and designs, particularly prosecution and litigation, across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

The growth of the firm has been a source of great professional satisfaction.

“The business has achieved exponential growth in two decades from a simple office. The organisation has expanded across MENA with fully staffed and operational offices to cater to clients’ requirements across the IP spectrum.

 “I have always valued my client needs above all, and to be in a position to readily assist them under any situation gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”


Previous to founding his own firm, Jehad Al Hasan studied at the University of Jordan (1985-89) after which he spent 10 years at Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property | AGIP, becoming a regional manager.

He joined FICPI in 2017.



“Prompt and precise service at cost effective rates has been my motto from day one,” he declares.

“Apart from this, although we have branched out across the region, our operation still remains centralised, a ‘one window of service’, so to speak.

“This assists in conforming to set standards with seamless coordination which increases efficiency and better management considering the size of our operation.” 



Opportunities to learn from other members of the FICPI global community are one of the great advantages of membership. 

Like other members, Jehad Al Hasan is happy to share the secrets of his success.

“I am sure most firms of our size and global nature would loosely have a similar model, but in the context of a Middle Eastern Firm we take extra care to ensure that our clients' needs are met 24/7. 

“MENA countries have their holiday on Friday-Saturday while globally it is Saturday-Sunday. To circumvent this, we have a successful system of shifts which covers all the days of the week to better meet our clients’ needs promptly.”



There is a familiar theme developing among the subjects of these FICPI member profiles when talking about future challenges for the IP profession.

“I believe technology will be key in the way that the practice of an independent IP attorney will be changed,” says Jehad Al Hassan.

“With new technologies and services coming into play, I believe the work of IP practitioners has become much easier in many ways, from basic organisation to client acquisition. The services available these days are truly unbelievable. 

“In context of the region, the IP Offices adopting new online systems have started to make the work more efficient with minimal intervention and physical follow up. 

“Overall, it is my firm belief that these developments are for the better and would have lasting impact on current and future practice.”



Jehad Al Hasan is very clear on the value of his FICPI membership over the past seven years:

“A shared sense of community and to be an active part of something larger than my regional scope has always made FICPI special to me. 

“The well-rounded approach and initiatives that the organisation takes to assist and educate independent practitioners to meet current challenges has my great appreciation.”



Outside of a busy schedule, there is something very special to fill free time:

“I have two young boys (aged six and three) who keep my free time completely occupied!” 

And Jehad Al Hasan adds a special message for his fellow members of the FICPI global business family:

“I wish to express my sincere thanks to the organisation and wish to share that it has been a wonderful journey since becoming a member. 

“This forum for worldwide network of independent IP professionals has helped me both professionally and personally to build long-lasting, trusted relationships. 

“I have been truly blessed to be a part of this august body and hope to continue contributing towards future initiatives.”