Emanuele Cammareri, Partner & Founder, Bresner Cammareri Intellectual Property – BCIP, in Milan, Italy.

Recent client challenge

The recent client challenge faced by Emanuele and his firm involved helping an artist on both IP rights and personality rights.

The artist had danced for a non-paying audience, but the performance had been recorded and included in a commercially available DVD – without the consent of the client.

Emanuele explains:

The case proved to be complex because a multiplicity of subjects was involved in the issue, namely the distributor of the DVD, the production company and the individual who filmed the group of dancers among which the client stood. 


“Moreover, also matters of Labour Law, International and Private International Law have been involved in an assessment that has been fascinating.


The support from Emanuele and his firm strengthened the artist’s case and, after long negotiations, enabled the artist to receive fair compensation for the violation of IP rights, without the need to file a claim before the court.

Emanuele believes that the entire creative community would benefit from a better understanding of IP rights and how to protect them:


“They are often exploited and caged into contractual relationships that are not only unsatisfying but also harmful.”


Adding value to clients

The case of the threat to the dancer’s IP rights is a good example of the value that Emanuele believes his firm and team offers to clients.

“I believe that our clients choose me, my team and my firm because they are sure they can find in us a set of high-quality knowledge and skills and, at the same time, an environment of grace, with professionals always available to listen to their needs and opinions and deeply committed to the task of offering the best services possible. 


“I am also convinced that a key point in our relationships with each of the clients revolves around trust: they know that our goal is their best interests and that, in order to achieve that, we will go above and beyond, providing the best tailor-made solutions that we can come up with.”  


Professional background & expertise

Emanuele’s first position as an IP attorney was with Modiano & Partners in Milan from 2005 up to 2013, after which he spent time as a senior legal consultant at Bird & Bird and then as a name partner at Studio Legale CBC.

Together with his fellow founder and partner, Davide Bresner, the firm of Bresner Cammareri Intellectual Property – BCIP was launched in 2018.

Emanuele also has ‘Of Counsel’ relationships with the LMS Studio Legale in Milan (from 2017), Studio Legale CBC (from 2018), Studio Corno Aziendalisti Commercialisti e Avvocati in Lissone (from 2020) and Tech Legal Partners in New York (from 2021).

Education & training

Emanuele graduated with a master’s degree in law from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan in 2002. He was admitted to the Milan bar of attorneys in law in 2006.
Since then, qualifications and achievements include:

  • IP Consultant in San Marino – 2018
  • Admitted to argue before the Italian Court of Cassation – 2018
  • Technical Consultant of the Tribunal of Milan – 2017
  • IP Trademark Consultant in Italy – 2016

Professional satisfaction as an independent IP attorney

Emanuele enjoys the advantages of being an independent IP attorney:

“At the forefront there is certainly the opportunity to autonomously choose the clients to assist. 


“In this way, I can establish relations especially with private entrepreneurs and SMEs, helping them in developing awareness and a deep understanding about the ways through which the IP rights they spent time and resources – both human and economic – on can become a powerful asset for the present and future development of their businesses. 


“Moreover, the position of independent IP attorney gives me the chance to surround myself with a small group of accurately picked and trusted collaborators that I am certain are always performing at the best of their current capabilities.


“I am very much glad to cooperate on a daily basis with younger professionals and to discuss with them the challenges that every case brings, listening to their opinions and helping them in becoming more and more independent.”

Changes to the IP profession

When asked about how the practice of an independent IP attorney is likely to change over the coming years, Emanuele, like so many others, goes immediately to the impact of new technology. 

In anticipation of these changes, his firm is already preparing:

“As an individual professional and as a firm, we are committed to provide our collaborators with learning experience, both on the theoretical and on the practical side, in order to better understand in which way those technological developments can be used not as a substitute for what we do on a daily basis, but as a useful tool that can help us to improve the services we offer.”


However, Emanuele also sees the opportunity, through discussion and exploration, to create new ways of doing things for the IP profession: 

“The same technologies open the gates for a variety of questions and issues that are stimulating for the professionals of the field, providing us with opportunities to rethink IP Law and the way it will not only survive, but move forward.”


Value of FICPI membership

Emanuele joined FICPI in 2020 and he has enjoyed all the new relationships that being part of the trusted global community has brought to him:

“It gives me the opportunity of knowing new colleagues from all over the world and, in this way, of keeping me up to date with many foreign legislations as well as with the best practices to be kept in order to try to provide the clients with the best possible service.”


Best practice for the FICPI community

In terms of a best practice to share with his fellow members of the FICPI global community, Emanuele offers his firm’s model of building longstanding relationships with clients:

“Every day, we offer our services in a variety of fields belonging to the IP domain through a team of people that are always engaged in updating themselves with regard to the latest developments also beyond the specific IP domain, in order to be able to draw original and innovative strategies to propose to the clients.” 


Final word – outside of work

Emanuele has all the usual stresses of being a busy IP attorney – he also has the additional pressure of being a fanatical fan of the soccer team AS Roma while living in Milan! 
For our global members, think of a Boston Red Sox fan living in New York, or an Australian cricket fan living in London.  

Therefore, it’s important that he finds time to relax, which nowadays involves running half-marathons and going to the cinema, although in his younger days his love of movies went even further:

“When I was much younger than today, I was used to travel around Europe to take part in the most important Film Festival of our continent, such as those of Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Copenhagen, San Sebastian and many more.”