17 March 2021 // Benchmarking the post-Covid IP Firm

First broadcast on 17 March 2021.

Covid-19 has undoubtedly transformed the operation of IP firms, starting with work from home and paperless environments. 

Clients have also changed and so have their requirements.  The need for expert advice and immediacy has increased. 

As we head towards exiting this pandemic episode, how will IP firms operate, communicate and grow?  

  • Have there been lasting modifications? 
  • What will we need to improve upon? 
  • What are the challenges ahead?
  • What service lines will be required? 
  • How will the working from home options be applied in different countries?

Inspired by the recent FICPI benchmarking survey results, to be unveiled during the webinar, our distinguished international speakers will peer into the crystal ball and openly discuss trends and predictions.

Join moderator Alain Leclerc, Reporter at FICPI's Professional Excellence Committee, and Partner, IP lawyer, Patent Agent, Trade Mark Agent at Fasken in Canada, and our speakers Anne Levy, Vice President of FICPI's Professional Excellence Committee, and co-managing partner of Brandon IP in France, Bastiaan Koster, FICPI President of Honour, and Partner at Von Seidels in South Africa, and Danny Huntington, FICPI Advisory Council Past President and President of Honour, member of FICPI Professional Excellence Committee, and Partner at Rothwell Figg, USA.