FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

National Sections

In countries where there are sufficient numbers of FICPI members, but no suitable national IP association eligible to join FICPI, the FICPI members are represented by a national section.  There are significant advantages associated with a national section, including EXCO representation and reduced membership fees.

Members of FICPI in countries with a national section are generally admitted by the Bureau or EXCO, but some countries (Austria, Brazil, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea and the United States of America) have been granted the power to admit their own members.*

FICPI is working through its Membership and Contact Commissions to develop new national sections in countries and regions where there are sufficient numbers of individual members from a representative number of different firms.  At present, FICPI’s membership in Poland is working towards admission of the Polish group as a new section.

* In some countries this is subject to ratification by the EXCO.

Andean Section

ExCo Delegate:  Ms. Ximena Castellanos

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Ms. Maria Rosa Fabara-Vera

President:  Ms. Ximena Castellanos

Secretary:  Ms. Maria Rosa Fabara-Vera

Treasurer:  Ms. Martha Lucia Rincon Estrada

Fourth Council Member:  Mr. Alfredo Valencia Peschiera


F.I.C.P.I. Argentina Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Iván Poli

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Alberto L.R. Berton Moreno

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F.I.C.P.I. Austria Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mag. Dr. Daniel Alge

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  DI Harald Nemec

President:  DI Bernhard Henhapel

Vice President:  Mag. Dr. Daniel Alge

Treasurer:  DI Georg Puchberger

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FICPI - Belgian Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Ms. Marie-Paule Vandeberg

ExCo Alternate Delegate (TBC): 

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FICPI Brazilian Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Eduardo Colonna Rosman

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Ms. Maria Moura Malburg

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FICPI Chilean Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Bernardo Serrano

ExCo Alternate Delegate (TBC):  Andres Melossi

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FICPI-China Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Jiancheng Jiang

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Rongmin Zhao

President:  Mr. Wu (Perry) Yang

Vice Presidents:  Mr. Jiancheng Jiang , Mr. Chuanhong Long , Mr. Chunxiang (Christopher) Shen , Mr. Rongmin Zhao

Immediate Past President:  Mr. Wei Cheng

Honorary Past President:  Dr. Bo Ge

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Czech Republic


FICPI Czech Republic Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Josef Plicka

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Petr Jecmen

President:  Mr. Josef Plicka

Treasurer:  Mr. Petr Jecmen

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FICPI Greece Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Constantinos Kilimiris

ExCo Alternate Delegate: 


Secretary:  Ms. Vali Sakellarides

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FICPI Hungarian Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Dr. Éva Somfai

ExCo Alternate Delegate (TBC): 

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FICPI-India Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Swarup Kumar

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Ms. Archana Shanker

President:  Ms. Archana Shanker

Vice President:  Mr. D. Calab Gabriel

Secretary:  Mr. Swarup Kumar

Treasurer:  Ms. Neha Chugh

FICPI-India Executive Committee Members:  Ms. Jaya Bhatnagar , Mr. Soumen Mukherjee , Mr. Vikrant Rana , Ms. Richa Pandey

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FICPI - Irish Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  David Brophy

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Denis A. McCarthy

President:  Mr. Philip A. Coyle

Secretary (TBD): 

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FICPI Israeli Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Ms. Ena Pugatsch

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Ms. Cila Vered Hess-Milutin

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Korea, Republic of

FICPI - Korean Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Kyu Pal Choi

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Jordan Y. Kim

President:  Mr. Kyu Pal Choi

Vice President:  Mr. Jordan Y. Kim

Board Members:  Ms. So Young Ahn , Mr. Ea Roo Kang , Mr. Jae Man Kim , Dr. Doo-Hee Lee , Mr. SungPil Hwang , Mr. Eesop Yoon

Past President (2015-2018):  Ms. In-sil Lee

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FICPI-Malaysia Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Benjamin J. Thompson

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Timothy Siaw

President of the Counsel:  Mr. Benjamin J. Thompson

Vice President of the Counsel:  Mr. Timothy Siaw

Secretary of the Counsel:  Ms. Siew Ling Su

Treasurer of the Counsel:  Mr. David A. Wyatt

Ordinary Member of the Counsel:  Ms. Clara Choon-Foong Yip

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Federación International de Consejeros en Propriedad Industrial - Sección Mexicana, A.C. Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Mariano Soní

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Javier Uhthoff-Orive

President:  Mr. Mariano Soní

Treasurer:  Mr. José Pablo Perez Zea

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Netherlands Section of FICPI Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Hendrik Jan A. Brookhuis

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Leo Jessen

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New Zealand

FICPI New Zealand Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. James William Piper

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Chris Way

President:  Mr. James William Piper

Secretary & Treasurer:  Mr. Ceri Peter Keston Wells

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Poland (Provisional)

FICPI Poland Officers: 

Provisional ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Marek Łazewski

Provisional ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Rafal Witek

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FICPI Romania Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Dipl.-Phys. Margareta Oproiu

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Ms. Raluca Vasilescu

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FICPI Russia Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Valery Medvedev

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Mikhail Mozhaisky

President:  Mr. Valery Medvedev

Chairman of the Board:  Mr. Vladimir Rybakov

Board Members:  Ms. Veronica Liapunova , Mr. Mikhail Mozhaisky , Mr. Ernest Pesikov

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FICPI-Singapore Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Ms. Pei Lin Low

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Alban Choon Hwee Kang

President:  Ms. Pei Lin Low

Vice President (TBC): 

Secretary:  Mr. Daniel R. Collopy

Treasurer:  Mr. Kristian John Robinson

Committee Members (TBC):  Mr. Michael Mclaughlin , Mr. Kar Liang Soh

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Sección Española de la F.I.C.P.I. Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Luis-Alfonso Duran Moya

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Antonio Tavira

President :  Mr. Antonio Tavira

Secretary & Treasurer:  Ms. Elia Sugrañes Coca

Board Member 1:  Ms. Mireia Curell Aguilà

Board Member 2:  Maria Fernandez-Vega

Past President & FICPI Spain Member of Honour:  Mr. Enrique Armijo , Mr. Alberto De Elzaburu , Mr. Pedro Sugrañes Moliné

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ExCo Delegate:  Ms. Selin Sinem Erciyas

ExCo Alternate Delegate:  Mr. Mehmet Nazil Aydin Deriş

President:  Mr. Uğur Aktekin

General Secretary:  Ms. Ayşen Kunt

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FICPI U.S. Section Officers: 

ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Douglas T. Johnson

Alternate ExCo Delegate:  Mr. Robert S. Katz

President:  Mr. Douglas T. Johnson

President Elect:  Mr. Robert S. Katz

Secretary:  Mr. P. Branko Pejic

Treasurer:  Mr. C. Gregory Gramenopoulos

Immediate Past President:  Mr. Andrew D. Meikle

Councillors:  Mr. Stephen Hash , Mr. William Y. Klett, III , Mr. Lawrence A. Maxham , Mr. Raja Saliba , Mr. Daniel J. Warren , Mr. Stephen S. Wentsler

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