New FICPI resources help you create new ways to win

2020 has been a year like no other – and it is not over yet!

Within your own families and at work in your law practices, you will have experimented with new ways to get things done, from schooling your children to interacting with clients.

You may even have surprised yourself about how, in adversity, you found creative and innovative new answers to old questions.

It has certainly been challenging for FICPI.

A key part of how members of our global community connect, share knowledge and build relationships is through FICPI’s wonderful events and conferences.

Well, not this year!

As the global lockdown went into effect from March, FICPI quickly switched very successfully to communicating with members via a series of webinars that provided information on how to cope with, and succeed, during the pandemic.

The webinars showcased insights, experience and wonderful new ideas from our community, represented by members from all points of the globe.

Very soon, we will be unveiling details of two more initiatives which use the latest online tools to enable FICPI members to connect:

  • The programme for the FICPI 19th Open Forum on November 4th & 5th, which will be a virtual event. Pre-register here to receive updates,     
  • Topics and dates for the FICPI Connect, Share & Grow’ series of webinars that will be hosted on topics of professional interest for IP practitioners, to begin later this month and run through the rest of the year.

There is one additional, important new resource that FICPI created and recently launched for every member of our global community.

The FICPI Small Business IP Kit is for our members’ use in their local markets to connect with one of our most important sources of new clients: small and medium-sized businesses.

Created in a PowerPoint format to allow easy customisation by members, the Kit is a practical and usable resource with two purposes:

  • To publicise the value to small businesses of protecting their intellectual property.
  • To make the case to small businesses about the crucial role played by independent IP attorneys in the process of protecting those IP assets.

It includes a members-only guide with suggestions how to customise the contents and the most effective distribution of the Kit to get it into the hands of small businesses in your local market. 

Download your copy of the Kit here:

I look forward to reporting more ways that FICPI is innovating to bring new ideas and value to members.

I would also be thrilled to hear your own stories of creativity and new thinking – send them to me and we will publish them as a blog in the near future.

Next Steps

How FICPI makes IP attorneys more effective:

Building trusted relationships with other independent IP attorneys across the world and providing events, training and support to make independent IP attorneys more effective at what they do are central to FICPI’s mission. Covid-19 continues to make its presence felt across the world and at FICPI we continue to adapt and ensure we can meet our goals and support our members in new ways, through our webinar series, Virtual Open Forum, and the new customisable Small Business Kit. 

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