FICPI has a long story to tell. Many IP attorneys have been working for many years on interesting educational and scientific projects with the aim of improving the IP system and adapting it to day-to-day IP life. 

We have used our best tools to discuss and present our positions to official national and international bodies and to this purpose we’ve built an extensive and fruitful network with a common goal. We can be proud of the deep experience and bench strength of our experts.

Time goes by fast and in the last twenty years we have put all our efforts into maintaining our goals in the face of new international laws, rapid globalisation and new IT tools: we’ve run successful Forums, interesting and fruitful EXCOs and Congresses, effective meetings with National and International Offices and an extensive educational programme. 

A few months ago, the scenario suddenly changed due to Covid-19, and we realised that we were already prepared for it! 

Our communications tools were well adapted to cope with the new paradigm; not only through the website, but also our social media tools, our capability to hold high quality webinars, and our ability to adapt our educational programme to the new reality. Many FICPI officers have invested their time and significant expertise to ensure these efforts were successful. Thus, we learnt that this is only the beginning and that Covid-19 could serve as a springboard instead of a setback: this is just a first step towards a SUSTAINABLE FICPI; a greener FICPI.

Of course, our distinctive colour does not need to change: FICPI will retain its traditional blue – as blue as possible, as unique and authentic as possible – and based on this, the measures we are taking include agreeing new Policy Objectives to comply with all relevant regulatory requirements, to improve and monitor FICPI’s environmental performance, and to increase member awareness and training on this important issue.

FICPI has Quality Digital Communications standards, a high level of expertise in its CET (Study & Work Committee), TEC (Training & Education Committee) and PEC (Professional Excellence Committee) who are working virtually and in concert to establish and apply best-practices and new insights. 

We have also an established system of optimisation of processes with a Secretariat focused on the continuous improvement of FICPI’s communications structure, developing virtual meetings as much as possible.

FICPI is ready to adopt measures to help facilitate a sustainable world for its international community of IP attorneys. We are fully digitised with excellent tools to share information with our members and to liaise with international bodies as well as national bodies, and with other NGOS. 

We are working strenuously to be more effective and to get closer to achieving our goals. The Bureau and expert Committees within FICPI are already coordinating with each other to lead this initiative, and any feedback from our members will be most welcome.

FICPI’s view and involvement 

FICPI’s global community of independent IP attorneys focuses on both legal and professional excellence, with developments such as Sustainable FICPI and the introduction of the Professional Excellence Committee underpinning this. Progress is driven by strong shared interest and committees comprised of members based around the world, ensuring that a good cross section of views is represented.

Next steps 

  • Register for the first in the new FICPI webinar series ‘Connect, Share and Grow’, where content is driven by the work of the Professional Excellence Committee and FICPI’s Study & Work Committee. Join us on 30th September for ‘Subject matter eligibility’
  • Pre-register for FICPI’s Virtual Open Forum, running from 4-5 November 
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