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06 Sep 2024
€ 35.00
“Moving the World”: Leverage and Profitability

“Give me a place to stand and with a lever and I will move the whole world."  Archimedes (287-c. 211 BCE) 

Norman Clark will host two identical 90-minute symposia on 6 September 2024 (15:00 Central European Time) and 13 September 2024 (12:00 Singapore Standard Time).

This topic goes into the sixth classic driver of sustainable profitability: leverage. I believe that this has been an area that usually receives only superficial consideration. Leverage involves more than “body counts,” i.e., ratios of associates to partners, etc. It is becoming an important issue in a law firm’s response to the opportunities of advanced technology on the preparation and deliver of legal services, as well as their implications for staffing requirements. There also is an increasingly critical challenge of quality assurance.

This symposia is available for purchase by FICPI members only.
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