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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

Information Papers

EXCO/EB20/BUR/001 6th President's Meeting - Declaration

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2019 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2019/INF/001 Scope & Implication of Examination Guidelines or Patent Manuals Issued by National IP Offices
FICPI/2019/WP/001 The IP Profession Practitioner - Adding Value to Innovation

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2018 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2018/WP/001 Patent Law Harmonisation

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2017 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2017/WP/001 Draft Guidelines for Communications Between IP Firms
FICPI/2017/WP/002 Guidelines on Transferring Priority Rights
FICPI/2017/WP/003 Transferring Priority Rights - Report & Annexes

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2016 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2016/WP/001 White Paper: FICPI Urges the Adoption of a Grace Period Creating a Level Playing Field for Inventors
FICPI/2016/WP/002 White Paper: Utility model (UM) – a distinct right as part of an IPsystem

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2015 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2015/WP/001 FICPI Position Paper on Prior User Rights

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2014 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2014/INF/001 Report on “The State of the Union”
FICPI/2014/INF/002 OHIM President of the Office, Letter concerning the Common Communication on the Common Practice of the General Indications of the Nice Class Headings

INFORMATION & WHITE PAPERS 2013 Summary Full Paper
FICPI/2013/WP/001 FICPI position paper on Grace Period
FICPI/2013/WP/002 The Intellectual Property Profession – An International Comparison
FICPI/2013/INF/001 Beijing ICANN Public Meeting in review, meeting held April 6 - 11, 2013
FICPI/2013/INF/002 FICPI meeting with the European Patent Office
FICPI/2013/INF/003 FICPI Meeting with the European Commission, DG Internal Market
FICPI/2013/INF/004 FICPI Meeting with the European Commission, Cabinet of Commissioner Barnier
FICPI/2013/INF/005 FICPI Meeting with the European Commission, DG Trade on 24 June 2013 in Brussels, Belgium
FICPI/2013/INF/006 FICPI meeting with the World's Customs Organization (WCO) on 25 June 2013 in Brussels, Belgium
FICPI/2013/INF/007 USPTO Visit, 20 May, 2013 - Minutes of Meetings
FICPI/2013/INF/008 Report on the FICPI/OHIM bilateral Meeting, 3 July 2013
FICPI/2013/INF/009 FICPI meeting with the European Commission, DG Research
FICPI/2013/INF/010 FICPI meeting with WIPO 2013-08-30
FICPI/2013/INF/011 FICPI meeting with WTO 2013-08-29
FICPI/2013/INF/012 FICPI meeting with WHO 2013-08-29
FICPI/2013/INF/013 Report of 6th meeting of PCT working group, Geneva, 2013-05-21 to 24
FICPI/2013/INF/014 FICPI meeting with Court of Justice of the European Union
FICPI/2013/INF/014 Enclosure to FICPI/2013/INF/014 - The Reform of the EU Courts - Dehousse
FICPI/2013/INF/015 Report on WIPO worldwide symposium on Geographical Indications-Bangkok, March 2013
FICPI/2013/INF/016 Report of FICPI meeting with representatives of the EPO, 15 October 2012

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