11:00 - 12:30 // Friday 6 October

Instilling a culture of business development throughout the firm

Business Development (BD) is not the exclusive purview of a select few Partners.  

This session will outline how a robust BD strategy can be implemented throughout a firm, from the clerks and assistants to the senior Partners.

Each touch point between a member of the firm and a client (or prospective client) is an opportunity for BD, and employees and Partners alike can reinforce a relationship through every correspondence and phone call.

Integration of BD and marketing functions at all levels ensure that the messaging is consistent and can help address issues quickly when they arise.



Image: Louis-Pierre Gravelle

Louis-Pierre Gravelle (CA)

FICPI // Vice President - Practice Management Committee
Partner, Bereskin & Parr



Michael Evans

Michael Evans (UK)
BD for IP


Eduardo Mello

Eduardo Mello e Souza (BR)
FICPI // Practice Management Committee

Dannemann Siemsen Advogados

Julie Demers

Julie Demers (CA)
Vice President, Legal affairs & Human Capital, MANAC