14:00 - 15:30 //  Friday 6 October

How to implement strategy: Getting results after decisions! "Getting things done - Part 2"

This session is a follow-up of the work initiated at the FICPI World Congress in Cannes, September 2022.

A few people who have something specific that they want to implement or achieve with a variety of different goals have been working for 1 year to implement their predefined goal. They will report about their success or failure, their experience and difficulties, the challenges they have been facing, etc.


Ian Gill

Ian Gill (UK)

FICPI // Practice Management Committee
AA Thornton



Justin Cassell

Justin J. Cassell (US)

FICPI Member
Partner, Workman Nydegger


Jean-Nicolas Longchamp

Dr. Jean-Nicolas Longchamp (CH)

FICPI Member
Partner, Braunpat Braun Eder AG


Laura Mannering

Laura Mannering (NO)

FICPI // Executive Committee Alternate Delegate Norway
Partner, Bryn Aarflot






Howard Read

Dr. Howard Read (UK)

FICPI // CET Group 6 - Software, High-Tech, and Computer Related Issues
Partner, Appleyard Lees