Why you should attend the Trade Mark & Design sessions

Trade marks are a key factor in creating emotional correlations between businesses and consumers. Trade mark registration and enforcement will always be a fundamental part of an IP attorney’s work.

The Trade Mark and Design Stream will deal with practical issues that trade mark law practitioners have to face in their everyday practice, as well as new challenges created by the uptake of new technologies in branding.

We will navigate the benefits and the potential pitfalls in the use of the Madrid and Hague systems, and provide you with valuable insights and practical tips for the most efficient use of these systems. In our plenary session on counterfeit evidence, we will equip IP practitioners with the necessary tools to uncover and recognise new types of fake evidence and help them learn how to establish and maintain the credibility of their cases. 

We will also dive into the exciting world of sound marks, investigating their registrability and importance from both the industry and the legal perspective. In addition, we will look into the value of trade marks to the movie business, and review the modern film franchise model in connection with merchandising and cross-platform marketing.

Finally, we will discuss success stories in branding, offering IP practitioners valuable insights into the art of building a brand from scratch that stands the test of time.

Our sessions will combine discussion of best practices from distinguished IP experts with the provision of valuable insights from industry representatives.

Stream Leaders

Eleni Kokkini

Trade Marks Stream Leader // Eleni Kokkini (GR)

FICPI // Vice President - Study & Work Committee (CET)

Eleni Kokkini was appointed Vice President of FICPI's Study & Work Committee (CET) in 2022. Previously she was the chair of CET 1, Trade Marks.

Eleni has acquired extensive experience in all matters of intellectual property law, with a special focus on trademark prosecution and litigation, domain name disputes resolution and e-commerce cases. Eleni has advised clients, from mega multinationals to small local firms, in complex trademark, design, copyright and unfair competition issues and is a dedicated expert in the representation of clients in trademark and unfair competition litigation and in domain name UDRP proceedings. She advises clients on legal compliance issues of websites, e-shops and other e-commerce models and platforms and she has drafted and reviewed a number of website terms of use and privacy policies.

Designs Stream Leader // Robert S. Katz (US)

FICPI // Vice President - Study & Work Committee (CET)
Banner & Witcoff

Rob Katz

Rob Katz was appointed Vice President of FICPI's Study & Work Committee (CET) in 2022.  

Rob has benefitted firm clients in the areas of utility patents and industrial designs. He has drafted and prosecuted to issuance numerous and significant utility patents in the US and in foreign countries. These clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as many individual inventors and small companies who rely on strong patent protection in their marketplaces. The patents have been directed primarily to mechanical and electromechanical devices, and to software and computer-related inventions. Many patents drafted and prosecuted by Rob have been successfully enforced with some having served as the cornerstone for the successful sale of companies.