Why you should attend the IP Practice Management sessions

This customised programme has been built to focus on highly topical issues related to IP firm management and growth in these changing times.

We will be addressing the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership and performance as well as pricing methods to be both competitive and profitable as a firm, in two plenaries. We will also try to enlighten you about the sorcery of IP valuation, how to use AI as a management tool and how to support our clients in their innovation growth.

These are critical topics for every IP attorney involved in managing their firm.

This is an intentionally diversified programme touching at every level of the firm. With selected external speakers, we hope to deliver insights and best practices and trigger conversations within FICPI and among firms about how our businesses are evolving in these times of change.

IP Practice Management Stream Leader


Anne Levy

Anne Lévy (FR)

FICPI // President - Practice Management Committee
Managing Partner, Brandon IP

Anne has an extensive background in IP strategy and commercialisation. After gaining valuable business and management qualifications in France and the USA, she acquired commercial experience in Europe and USA.

In 1991, Anne became involved in the French IP strategy and commercialisation firm Brandon Valorisation, where she learned more about intellectual property law and gained experience in IP strategy, IP valuation, patent commercialisation and licensing.

With Anne’s diverse background and experience, she is not only active in advising clients in filing and pre-litigation and litigation support services but also in building customised development strategies using intellectual property rights and viewing intellectual property as a major asset for her clients to generate revenue.