Is your IP firm interested in gaining exposure and recognition by building strong relationships and connecting with FICPI members across 80 countries and six continents?

For the first time, FICPI has created a structured sponsorship offer, designed to go beyond simple logo exposure at events to deliver an integrated package with multiple ways to boost business development.

For an IP firm to become a sponsor, it must employ at least one FICPI member. There are special tiered fees for IP firms, with discounts depending on the size of the firm.

Elements of the core sponsorship package include visibility and involvement at FICPI’s flagship events, including the Open Forum in November and the World Congress in Cannes next year, plus spotlights in FICPI’s Newsletter, Journal and LinkedIn pages, for the whole 2022 as well as for the remaining months of 2021. . 

In addition, the sponsor firm has an opportunity to provide FICPI members with educational and topical content via an annual mailing.

While FICPI has had occasional event sponsors in the past, this is the first time there has been a formal, structured program to attract sponsors.

FICPI Secretary General, Roberto Pistolesi, explained the thinking behind the sponsorship initiative:

“This is another example of how FICPI is innovating to meet the demands of the pandemic. 

“All organisations have taken a financial hit with the lack of in-person meetings and the need to invest in new technologies. We know that FICPI has assets that are valuable to sponsors and that it could be an alternative source of revenue. 

“However, we needed to be focused and structured in our approach and think carefully about the needs of our members’ own firms.”

FICPI’s launch of the sponsorship package was assisted by specialist consultants, the experienced Brussels-based firm, Sponsorship Ideas. The firm’s founder and leader, William Fenton, is co-author of a well-received book, The Sponsorship Handbook.

More information on the sponsorship package, additional opportunities and the fee structure are available by emailing:

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