On the 12th of March 2024, the 9th meeting of the SACEPO Working Party on e-Patent Process was held. FICPI was represented by Matthew Fletcher (UK) and Simone Mangini (IT) at this annual meeting.  

The European Patent Office presented the projects they are working on and the results they have achieved. In particular, it was emphasised that the transition from the system using smart cards and eOLF (electronic Online Filing) to the new one featuring MyEPO Portfolio, OLF2.0 (On Line Filing 2.0) and Two-Factors Authentication (2FA) is proceeding smoothly.

All smart cards and the Webform Filing will be discontinued at the end of the year and the possibility of filing documents by fax will be stopped at the beginning of July.

Though several improvements have been requested by the stakeholders (including FICPI delegates) during the meeting, the EPO has confirmed its full commitment to make the system as user-friendly as possible and is confident that the work, that has been and will be carried out, will result in very important advancements.

The system is and will be more efficient and also more environmentally friendly. The use of paper has been significantly reduced, likewise the carbon footprint.

FICPI’s view and involvement and future work

FICPI’s SACEPO representatives will work primarily with the European Patent Study Group (CET4) on issues as they arise, as well as with the CET Executive and Bureau, when needed. Reports and information on the meetings will be shared with the membership via the FICPI website and newsletter.

Next steps 

Matthew Fletcher and Simone Mangini