I am sad to be distributing news of the recent passing of Cooper Woodring.  Cooper was a well-known industrial designer and later in life he focused more on being an expert witness in design patent lawsuits. He was also a member of Group 2 of FICPI's Study & Work Committee (CET) for time. Article 23.2 of the FICPI Statutes provides for the possibility of distinguished people who do not belong to FICPI to be members of a specialised commission of the CET. Cooper was such a distinguished person,providing input from an outside expert designer's perspective. He joined us at a few FICPI conferences, including the 2006 Centenary World Congress in Paris.

From a designer’s perspective, Cooper helped to design dozens of products in his career.  One of my personal favorites of his designs was the first nestable, injection-molded rocking chair. He created this design later in his career and you can still find these chairs in stores. He had also worked as a design patent expert in many design patent litigations. I was able to work on a few design patent litigations with him; some where he was on our side, and some where he was on the other side. I enjoyed spending time with him and listening to his stories. It is his stories that I will miss the most.  He will be missed by many industrial designers and attorneys who travel in the design patent circles.

Cooper was a past president of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). His obituary from IDSA can be found by clicking here.

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