FICPI's Practice Management Committee (also known as the Professional Excellence Committee or PEC), focuses on how intellectual property attorneys conduct business as IP firms and seeks to provide information and guidance to FICPI members to support firms in their business life, and to help them develop their practice in matters of continuing professional development. 

The Committee has now published its Guidelines for Engagement Letters, a document which helps FICPI members to draft best practice engagement letters between IP firms and their clients. 

FICPI members can click here to view the PDF.

Anne Lévy, President of FICPI's Practice Management Committee, adds, "The new guidelines set out the purpose of an engagement letter, and cover the five key parts - including the mandate and invoicing, plus additional provisions relevant to local territories. Drafted by Alain Leclerc, member of PMC/PEC  and Partner at Fasken in Canada, with support from other PMC/PEC members around the world, the guidelines also include a sample engagement letter which can be tailored to your firm's business practices."

The main author of the guidelines is Alain Leclerc, member of PMC/PEC and Partner at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin (CA), with contributions from:

  • Julian Crump, FICPI President and Partner at Abel+Imray (GB)
  • Chris Bird, member of PEC and Principal at FPA Patent Attorneys (AU)
  • William Hammond, member of PEC and founder of Cabinet Hammond & Cie (FR)
  • Louis-Pierre Gravelle, Vice President of PEC and Partner at Bereskin & Parr (CA)
  • Louis Lagler Vice President of PEC and Founding Partner of Rentsch Partner AG (CH)
  • Anne Lévy, President of FICPI's Practice Management Committee and Managing Partner at Brandon IP (FR).

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