Petter Rindforth LLM, member of FICPI’s Study & Work Committee and managing partner at Fenix Legal in Sweden, has been appointed to EUIPO’s new Working Group (WG) 1 Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB): “Awareness and Capacity building on Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)” as FICPI’s representative.

This follows his appointment to EUIPO’s Working Group 4 Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB): Criteria for suitability of cases for Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) as FICPI’s representative in early 2022. 

The creation of the Working Group on Awareness and Capacity Building was decided during the 6th EUIPO ADR SAB meeting on November 3, 2022 in order to discuss and disseminate initiatives to support ADR awareness actions and training opportunities, with a focus on IP disputes.

In addition to Petter Rindforth (FICPI), the Working Group has one representative each from AIPPI, European digital SMEs Alliance, Singapore International Mediation Centre, and EUIPO Boards of Appeal.

Petter Rindforth The scope of this Working Group is to exchange Stakeholder Advisory Board members’ existing Alternate Dispute Resolution awareness and mediation training opportunities, identify best practices in these areas, as well as reporting on mediation conferences and events.

The first meeting was held on March 1, 2023, discussing and creating a survey on ADR awareness actions and training opportunities. The survey will be sent out to FICPI and other organisations in Q2 2023, and the result of the survey will provide a base outline of contents for standard training to IP lawyers on the role of parties’ lawyers in mediation, in Q4 2023.

FICPI’s view and involvement

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Next steps

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