Anne Lévy, President of FICPI's Practice Management Committee (PMC), provides members with an update on the meeting of her committee on 2 June 2022. We hope you will find something of interest. Please feel free to contact Anne and join the next meeting. 

1.  PMC Webpage

Work has been initiated by PMC executives (Anne, Louis and Louis-Pierre) to improve the PMC homepage and make practice management information and presentations done by PMC more accessible.
To be continued, it’s quite a long way.
Special thanks to Louis Lagler.

2.  Engagement Letters 

With initial input by Alain Leclerc, PMC has been working on a paper about engagement letters to provide best practices to FICPI members. This paper is being finalized as far as the shape is concerned and will be published soon.

3.  Best Reaction Against Competing E-services (BRACE)

The draft survey is finalized further to Lisa Moyles’s input, it will be circulated soon among all FICPI members. We are concerned with the latest response rates and urge FICPI members to take the time to consider and reply this survey.
We necessarily need FICPI members feedback to pursue this matter.

4.  Best practices for automation of workflows in IP firms

This working group is being reactivated and Chris Bird is constituting a  working group. A few PMC members from various countries have agreed to contribute.
Any interested FICPI member is welcome!
The group is considering drafting a survey towards FICPI US members  which seem to be advanced on this subject.

5.  Profit generation in IP firms 

Goes back to 2019, workshop in Forum in Turin. Aim is to address questions like where do IP firms revenues come from, what are the efforts required to bring revenues, in the end how to optimize the processes and team size to increase profitability and analyse strengths and weaknesses of IP firms.
Louis Lagler has re-initiated this topic with a couple of PEC members.
The concept needs to be sharpened and a survey is considered.
Call for available information or results that can be useful.

6.  IP valuation topic

Further to the work already done about this topic, case studies are being drafted and gathered for publication.
Any additional real-life cases and feedbacks are welcome!
We would like it to be representative of various practices, experiences and countries. 

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