A recent FICPI delegation to Jordan results in plans for closer cooperation.
Progress has been made towards closer cooperation and a potential FICPI National Section in Jordan following a recent FICPI delegation. Discussions also resulted in a greater understanding of the Jordanian Office’s status with regard to trade marks, designs and patents filings and information sharing from FICPI as regards software patenting and non-traditional marks. 
On November 5, 2019 FICPI’s delegation consisting of the Secretary General, Roberto Pistolesi; the Treasurer General, Marc Chauchard; the representative of the Membership Commission, Markus Hössle; and the Chair of FICPI’s Study and Work Commission on Trade Marks (known as CET 1), Eleni Kokkini, held a meeting at the Jordanian Trade Marks and Patents Office in Amman with the Director of the Office, Ms Zain Al Awamleh. FICPI talked to the Director of the Office about the possible future creation of a national FICPI section in Jordan, explaining the benefits for members of a National Section and the facilitation of the communication with the Jordan Trade Marks and Patents Office that would be possible through the formation of a National Section. The Director of the Office welcomed this initiative and expressed her full support for such a prospect. The FICPI delegation also presented its activities and its role with relation to  the representation of IP attorneys,  the cooperation with IP national and regional offices, as well as its function as a Federation and its way of working through the various Commissions. Furthermore, FICPI presented examples of its recent resolutions and initiatives in patent, design and trade mark matters to the Director of the Jordanian PTO. The Director of the Office gave FICPI an overview of the Jordanian Office’s status as far as trade marks, designs and patents filings is concerned. The Director of the Office also talked about the participation of the Jordanian Office in various meetings with European IP authorities, especially EUIPO, and included a special note on the adoption and application by the Jordanian Offices of Common Practices introduced by the EUIPO and EU Member States’ Offices within the European Cooperation convergence projects. Before leaving the Office, Marc Chauchard presented a FICPI centenary medal  to Ms Zain Al Awamleh. The meeting at the Jordanian Trade Marks and Patents Office was overall a very fruitful meeting, which revealed both FICPI’s and the Office’s mutual interest in cooperating via the Jordanian National Section once created and directly until such national section is formed. It was also mentioned that FICPI might consider inviting some current Jordanian FICPI members to participate as observers in one of the next EXCO (Executive Committee) meetings in order to provide the members with more insight into the way that FICPI works and the benefits that the creation of the national section would offer to its Jordanian members. Seminar for Jordanian IP attorneys On the evening of the same day, FICPI’s delegation held a seminar for Jordanian IP attorneys in the Marriott Hotel in Amman, that was attended by around 40 attendees, including Zain Al Awamleh, the Director of the Jordanian Trade Marks and Patents Office. Roberto Pistolesi and Marc Chauchard presented FICPI’s activities to the attendees, paying special attention to the benefits of a national group and the support provided to FICPI’s members and the National Sections.  The talks also covered financial matters in connection with FICPI membership. Markus Hössle and Eleni Kokkini held presentations on software patenting and non-traditional marks in Europe, respectively. After the seminar, attendees enjoyed a cocktail reception, during which they provided very positive feedback on the seminar’s quality of content and structure. FICPI’s view and involvement  The developments discussed whilst on delegation in Jordan are very positive.We hope that IP attorneys in Jordan will be able to move forwards with a FICPI national section - this is an option for countries where there are sufficient numbers of FICPI members, but no suitable national IP association eligible to join FICPI. It brings benefits including invitations to attend EXCO meetings, FICPI speakers at seminars and discussions with National Patent Offices. Next Steps
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