On Thursday, 10 December 2020, FICPI President, Julian Crump, led a nine-strong team in a virtual meeting with the EUIPO.  The EUIPO’s teams was led by Deputy Executive Director, Andrea di Carlo, and the Director of the International Cooperation and Legal Affairs Department, João Negrão.

After some brief explanation of recent activities, the meeting turned to the seven detailed topics FICPI had raised in advance.  This included discussing the Office’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, in light of the FICPI resolution passed earlier this year, issues that may arise from Brexit and the ongoing work in the Commission on review of the European Union’s design legislation.

When discussing the practical topic of the EUIPO joining the WIPO Digital Access Service, it was clarified that in at some point in 2021 a DAS code will be able to supplied after the filing of a Community Design to satisfy  the requirements for priority documents.

More time was spent on discussing the issues arising from the use of long descriptions of goods and services in application for EU Trade Marks and how FICPI would be able to collaborate with this issue. An interesting and detailed discussion arose regarding the way that the EUIPO is (and is planning) to support SMEs (small and medium enterprises) as well as on the Pro Bono initiative.

The meeting concluded by a discussion of FICPI’s renewed involvement in the Management Board and Budget Committee of the Office, where FICPI is next taking its seat in 2022.

More detailed reports of the meeting will be made available to FICPI’s Bureau and the relevant CET working groups, as well as EUCOF.

FICPI’s view and involvement

Regular meeting such as this with Offices are essential to build strong relationships, connecting FICPI with IP Offices worldwide over common goals and objectives.

Next steps

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