Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) provide technical solutions for many day-to-day tasks for IP firms and propose new ways to serve clients. They sometimes offer “basic” services (such as annuity payments) and may also offer more elaborate services up to and including drafting applications and office action responses.

We asked session moderator, Lisa J. Moyles, to give us a preview of the session "IP service providers -- blessing or curse?" and speakers.

Lisa is a Member of FICPI's Practice Management Committee, and Partner at Womble Bond Dickinson LLP in the US. She has nearly 30 years experience in Intellectual Property (IP) law providing clients with practical, actionable advice including training on various aspects of routine and complex IP matters.

She says, "Since we are dedicating much of our time to open discussion, you will have an opportunity to get answers to your questions; you will gain access to our membership’s overall feelings based on survey results of the survey conducted in the Fall of 2023; we will highlight some specific experiences in France and explore if these experiences are relevant in other jurisdictions as well."

While some IP firms see these ALSPs as complementary to their practice, others may see these ALSPs as a threat to their traditional business.

Can these ALSPs open new directions where IP firms with competent teams and organisations can be very relevant and bring enhanced benefits to clients? However way you perceive them, ALSPs are changing the IP game and this session will explore their interaction (good and bad) with IP firms and risks or opportunities they continue to create.

You can hear the session "IP service providers -- blessing or curse?" at the 2023 FICPI Open Forum running in London from 4-7 October.

Who's on the panel? 

We have a panel that are prepared to discuss both sides of the equation – as an ALSP and also as a law firm/attorney. Our panel are dynamic and fun and not only will you enjoy hearing from them, but they will be happy to engage in vigorous discussions.

Phil Arvanitis is Director of IP Solution Consulting globally at Clarivate. He is responsible for enabling change and digital transformation through enterprise solution design across R&D and IP departments within Technology companies, IP Law firms and PTOs, regarding people, process, technology and information, using methodologies such as lean, six sigma and IP Metrics.

Marc Levieils is a member of FICPI's Practice Management Committee and Partner at Regimbeau in France. Marc is an IP lawyer specialising in computer law and telecommunications, and is Head of the Contracts and IP Valuation Department which he created at Regimbeau in order to assemble and develop the expertise of our teams in the exploitation and utilisation of IP rights.

Why attend this session? 

Corporate clients are buying from both law firms and service providers and how they chose to be serviced is evolving. 

They have free choice of how they run their IP departments and who they chose to work with.

Our session will explore how to ensure that all of us have a healthy client base. We are no longer an industry of only 3 “buckets” of in-house/corporate, law firm and service providers. Now there are all different combinations of firms and ALSPs and different ownership structures.

This session will seek to answer questions such as:

  • Where does the law firm add value, versus what can the ALSP do to bring efficiencies and better processes to our practices? 
  • Solutions to common problems identified as these two entities engage.

When is the session taking place?

It's on Thursday 5 October 2023, from 16:00-17:30, and is part of the IP Practice Management Stream.

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