The need for training in the matter of IP, especially in the patents field, is more and more acute, at all levels (from all stakeholders in less-developed countries and developing countries, to junior attorneys in the more patent-advanced jurisdictions).
FICPI's Training and Education Committee (TEC) plays an essential role in this field.
In addition to TEC's participation in FICPI's programme of events (including fora and symposia), TEC has devised and run patent drafting courses since the late 1990s in South East Asia and Europe, and more recently in Latin America, with great success.
A signature element of these courses used to be intensive face-to-face exchanges with experienced practitioners from different areas in the world, but of course the pandemic has abruptly interrupted this.

We are now focusing on a strong relaunch of these courses, with at least a substantial portion of teaching in face-to-face format, and we need more tutors who are ready to spend some time travelling and teaching young professionals who have a wide variety of experience and backgrounds. All the FICPI tutors who have been involved in these drafting course have found them exciting and enriching.

Get involved

We are eager to restart our patent drafting courses and the face-to-face delivery of the training activities with more participation and energy than ever. If you are interested in finding out more, attending our committee meeting during the Congress, or in becoming an active member of TEC, contact [email protected]

If you are attending the FICPI World Congress 2022, join us on 28th September at 11:00 for Plenary 5: Training IP attorneys in the 21st Century. This Congress plenary will address the challenges of efficiently improving the skills of practitioners in the most sophisticated jurisdictions, while senior professionals in private practice are busier than ever, leaving less time for in-house training and professional development. The session will also include an overview of FICPI's patent drafting courses and of WIPO's training activities, and we hope you will be able to attend. 



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