FICPI is truly a global organisation with members from over 80 nations and territories across the world. Earlier this year we launched our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility committee which complements our commitment to DEIA through The Inclusion Project

The first step in the project was to create a group of FICPI members, the composition of which speaks to the diversity and inclusion that FICPI has already achieved.

The committee is starting to make recommendations on the opportunities, challenges and plans that would support FICPI’s ambitions to be a model professional member organisation in its support and implementation of the DEIA principles.

Identity: the importance of names

Our names hint at our roots, our cultural identity, our families and other intangibles while our pronouns and voices give further clues to our background and our chosen place in the world.

Our name campaign aims to encourage FICPI members to:

  • Voice record your name pronunciation using the LinkedIn’s feature: Tap your profile photo, then select View Profile. Tap the Edit icon from your introduction section. Select Record name pronunciation. Tap the Record button and hold to record your name
  • Add your preferred pronouns on your LinkedIn profile 
  • Add your preferred job title or role description
  • Add an up-to-date photo
  • Add pronoun and pronunciation information to your FICPI profile (log into the FICPI website to make any changes to your profile)
  • If you’ve secured a place at this year’s FICPI Congress, add your pronoun and other information to your Eventmobi profile too!
  • Share your qualifications and experience – check these are up to date across all the platforms too!


Make your voice heard

Get involved with FICPI’s DEIA committee and our work - find out more and see the whole list of committee members at: 

We’d love to hear from you - chat to us at the FICPI Congress or get in touch with Elia Sugrañes or Sharon Crane.