Join us in the beautiful and culturally rich city of Madrid in Spain for the 22nd FICPI Open Forum from 25-28 September 2024! Our working programme promises to fulfil IP attorneys in any area of practice, following our popular three stream format covering IP practice management, patents, and trade marks & designs.

Excellent plenary sessions sit alongside a wealth of stream sessions, plus opportunities for making and cementing connections with fellow IP experts from around the world.

Plenary 1: Practice management

"Primal leadership - the hidden driver of great performance"

On Thursday 26th September, our morning plenary session will explore the primal function of leadership being emotional. True leadership should serve as a reservoir of positivity that unlocks the best in individuals. 

Your potential is influenced by various factors, such as cognitive ability, emotional intelligence (EQ), skills, knowledge, experience, and social network. However, it is your Positive Intelligence (PQ) that ultimately determines the percentage of your vast potential realised.

At the end of this practical and interactive session you will have engaged with the 5 superpowers of your Primal Leadership. This will unlock a powerful tool at your disposal to identify your internal voices (saboteurs) that undermine optimal leadership.

This Superpower activates and unlocks personal potential and the performance of your team and firm in areas of effectiveness, relationships, quality of life and wellbeing.

Our speaker - Sharon Deal of Who Am I Foundation - is a change agent with a vision to transform lives and to make a serious difference in this world. Sharon will be in conversation with Bastiaan Koster, Partner at Von Seidels and past president of FICPI (2012-2015).

Plenary 2: Trade marks and designs

"Navigating the landscape of fake evidence in IP proceedings"

On Thursday 26th September, enjoy our afternoon plenary on the challenging area of counterfeit evidence, a fast moving arena of digital deception.

This session aims to equip legal professionals, IP practitioners, and industry experts with the tools to discern genuine evidence from deceptive fabrications. From forged documents to manipulated digital content, we will uncover the various forms of fake evidence that can potentially compromise the integrity of IP proceedings.

Our distinguished panel of experts will share insights on identifying red flags, employing cutting-edge forensic techniques, and implementing best practices to ensure the authenticity of evidence presented in IP cases. Participants will gain valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of deception in intellectual property disputes and learn strategies to safeguard the credibility of their cases.

Your panellists: Sergio Rizzo is a Member of the 3rd (Designs) and 5th (Trade Marks) Boards of Appeal and accredited mediator at the EUIPO; Sara Navarro of Elzaburu is a specialist in designing strategies for the protection of trade marks and designs at national and international level and in proceedings at the SPTO, EUIPO and WIPO and in foreign jurisdictions; Doug Deeth is a President of Honour of FICPI and one of the founding Partners of Deeth Williams Wall LLP, in Toronto.

This session will be expertly moderated by Elia Sugrañes, Director of Sugrañes in Spain, and Secretary General of FICPI.

Plenary 3: Practice Management

"Setting fees that are competitive and profitable - for a win win!"

On Friday 27th September, get insights into one of the most formidable challenges in the legal industry today: pricing  

Law firms must set competitive prices in a rapidly evolving legal service market while ensuring sustainable profitability. This is a particular challenge for firms in the field of intellectual property.

This essential session will address practical strategies, innovative tools, and effective methods to master this dual challenge. We delve into the advantages and pitfalls of today's prevalent legal fee structures, offering insights into balancing competitive pricing with firm profitability. Furthermore, we'll guide you through ways to emphasise value over price in the client's decision-making process, ensuring your firm stands out in the competitive landscape. 

Your speaker, Norman Clark, is a founder and current Managing Principal of Walker Clark LLC, an international legal management consultancy based in Fort Myers, Florida, with clients in more than 70 countries worldwide. He specialises in advising law firms on sustainable profitability and quality management in internal law firm operations; strategic planning to anticipate major changes in their economic, geopolitical, and competitive environments; and law firm governance and management structures.

This session will be expertly moderated by Louis Lagler, Partner at Rentsch Partner, and Vice President of FICPI’s Practice Management Committee.

This session is for legal professionals seeking to craft fee structures that not only attract clients but also guarantee long-term financial health for their firms.

Plenary sessions FICPI 22nd Open Forum Madrid 2024

The Open Forum social programme

The evening functions in our Open Forum social programme take place in three very different, exclusive venues, giving you a taste of the best of the Madrid scene.

The welcome evening on 25th September takes place in the NuBel restaurant, an amazing avant garde space inside the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (pictured below).

The informal dinner on 26th September sees us take a few minutes drive from the centre of Madrid to Finca la Muñoza, a beautiful traditional Spanish countryside villa in neoclassical style, surrounded by stunning gardens.

The closing dinner on 27th September is being held in the incredible Real Casino de Madrid, in the heart of Calle Alcalá. Dating from 1910, this mpressive building is a magnificent example of Madrid’s fusion of styles and perfectly combines both French and Baroque influences.

The FICPI 22nd Open Forum evening social programme is for both registered delegates and delegates' guests.

Special reception for FICPI new members and Open Forum first timers

Join us on on 25th September immediately prior to the welcome reception where you can mingle with experienced FICPI members, FICPI group members, FICPI new members and Open Forum first timers. The reception takes place in the 3rd floor hotel foyer. Booking essential. 

The Nubel restaurant in Madrid

Tours and optional excursions

Our optional excursions all take place on Saturday 28th September.

The optional excursions are available at an additional fee for delegates and their guests, and must be booked and paid for at the time of registration.

Optional Excursion #1 El Escorial: the eighth wonder of the world  

Undoubtedly the best way to explore the history of Spain and especially the reign of Philip II. Built in the 16th century, the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a complex that includes a royal palace, a basilica, a pantheon, a library, a school and a monastery. Since 1984 the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial has been on the World Heritage list. It is the monument that best encapsulates the ideological and cultural aspirations of the Spanish “Golden Age.”

Optional Excursion #2 Golf at the Encín Golf Hotel

The Encín Golf Hotel, inaugurated in 2011 by Joaquín Molpeceres and for public use, is considered by most players to be one of the best courses in Madrid and it has hosted numerous high-profile tournaments. Encín Golf Hotel has spectacular facilities, its own golf school, and unbeatable views of Santos de la Humosa, in Alcalá de Henares.

Optional Excursion #3  Karting GP at Jarama Circuit

Enjoy the speed of motors in Spain with a race on the legendary Madrid Jarama Circuit, enjoy the adrenaline rush! Take part in this fun competition on karts, fighting for pole position with your teammates and take victory in your Grand Prix, Formula 1 style.

The Delegates’ Guests’ tours take place on Wednesday to Friday. Please note that those tours taking place on Thursday and Friday will happen at the same time as the Open Forum working programme. If a delegate books onto an optional tour, they will miss sections of the working programme.

Delegates’ Guests may attend the evening social functions within the Delegate Guest Open Forum registration fee.

The optional tours are available at an additional fee, and must be booked and paid for at the time of registration.

Wednesday 25 September - What’s new in Madrid #1

La Galeria de las Colecciones Reales / the Gallery of the Royal Collection, built in in the Royal Palace Complex.

Wednesday - What’s new in Madrid #2

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium - a real temple of football, and the house of the prestigious Real Madrid.

Thursday 26 September - The Royal Tour: The Madrid of the Austrias

The  walking tour will start with the visit of the Royal Palace, and will continue with the Cathedral of La Almudena, Calle Bailen, Calle Mayor, Plaza de la Villa, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol.  

Friday 27 September - Art & Tapas

Discover the art of painting through the magnificent works housed in Prado Museum (pictured), then enjoy Spanish gastronomy and taste the best Madrilenian food.


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The FICPI Open Forum promises a journey through the cutting edge of intellectual property – an opportunity not to be missed!

Find out more and book your place today. We look forward to welcoming FICPI members and others with an interest in intellectual property from around the world. 

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