FICPI's Communications Committee is delighted to announce that after an absence of many years, EXCO News is now available again. This is the first publication of this special newsletter for members since pre-pandemic times.

We are very pleased to bring you a refreshed new format, in line with FICPI's modern and exciting branding.

The Executive Committee (ExCo) met in London on 3-4 October 2023 and passed several important resolutions on:

  • Examination of trade mark applications
  • Standard formats for design applications
  • WIPO’s IGC on IP and genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore

Workshops were held on the impact of AI on the legal profession, and best practice for handling full-text international patent applications.  

The ExCo also adopted Position Papers dealing with:

  • EUIPO’s mapping of user associations
  • USPTO’s study on non-fungible tokens and related IP law issues
  • Revised EPO Guidelines for Examination
  • EU Observatory Study
  • EPO Boards’ of Appeal Rules of Procedure
  • USPTO’s Initiatives to ensure the robustness and reliability of patent rights, artificial intelligence and inventorship in the U.S.
  • Statement on the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act of 2023 (“PERA”)

The new, reimagined FICPI EXCO News contains articles on all these topics and more.  We hope you will enjoy this insight into the work of FICPI’s ExCo. 

Our thanks to all who contributed to this issue!

  • Rowan Joseph, Chair of FICPI’s Study & Work Group on Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Jürgen Buchhold, Chair of FICPI’s Study and Work Group on Designs (CET2)
  • Vikrant Rana, Member of FICPI’s Study & Work Group on Trade Marks
  • Eric Le Forestier, Course Coordinator for The FICPI Academy
  • Anne Lévy, President of FICPI’s Practice Management Committee
  • Michael Caine, Vice President of FICPI-International
  • Jürgen Schmidtchen, Elected President of FICPI-International Statutes Committee
  • Sini-Maaria Mikkila, member of FICPI Practice Management Committee and the Study & Work Group CET 3 (International Patent Matters)
  • Maria Fernanda Hurtado, GLIPA Executive Director
  • Robert Watson, President of FICPI's Study & Work Committee (CET)
  • Eleni Kokkini, CET Executive, Vice President
  • Elia Sugrañes, FICPI Secretary General 
  • Sharon Crane, FICPI Deputy Secretary General 
  • Swarup Kumar, FICPI Deputy Secretary General 

Special thanks to Richa Pandey, CET Executive, Assistant Reporter General and to our Editor, Catherine Dhanjal. 

This issue is available to FICPI members only, via download or read online here

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If you have any questions, please get in touch! 


EXCO News March 2024 contents cover


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