11:00 - 12:30 // Thursday 5 October

Protecting 3D Product Configuration Trade Marks

Product configuration trade marks are of significant importance to companies who made and sell goods.  It potentially provides meaningful protection for the product design and/or its packaging against a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace.  

This is a valuable right for many companies as it is sometimes the only IP right that might be applicable to prevent knockoffs and counterfeit goods.  

The session will also focus on differences between jurisdictions in procuring such rights, identifying regions where rights may be easier or harder to establish, and also in addressing recent updates in the law.


 Moderator & Speaker

Naresh Kilaru

Naresh Kilaru (US)

FICPI // Chair, Group 1 Trade Marks, Study & Work Commission (CET)
Finnegan, Henderson


Henning Hartwig

Dr. Jur. Henning Hartwig (DE)

Bardehle Pagenberg

Lena Shen

Lena Shen (CN)

FICPI Member
Dakun IP Law Firm