Session moderator, Christoph Vaagt, Managing Partner at Law Firm Change Consultants in Germany gives us a preview of the upcoming session on leadership taking place at the 2023 FICPI Open Forum in London from 4-7 October.

Meet connections old and new from across the globe at the FICPI Open Forum, sharpen your knowledge on IP topics, discuss practice management, and enjoy the social and cultural opportunities too. The Open Forum is open to all: FICPI members, those thinking about membership, and anyone else from around the world with an interest in patents, trade marks or running an IP firm.

What do you hope delegates will get out of this session?

The session is titled "Leadership and organisation aka 'Management 101: taking command of your IP firm"' and we'll be focusing on understanding what kind of structures and processes are helpful to run a law firm, and looking at the ups and downs of different approaches.

Key learning points

Whether to have a Managing Partner, and if so, what powers to invest in him/her.

How many partners do you need for the day to day running of a firm? Are business service people also helpful to do this, and if so, how?

Why attend?

Law firms have grown in size, and the organisation of professionals is important, for example having standardised processes becomes critical when you and your Partners are concurrently working on legal cases, managing a team and also managing your firm.

Introduce the speakers

We have speakers representing three different firms with variously 25, 120, and 800 coworkers and with 15/40/180 attorneys from Germany, US and Brazil.

They are:

  • Ivan Ahlert, FICPI member of honour and Partner at Dannemann Siemsen Advogados.
  • Bryan M. Gallo, member of FICPI's Practice Management Committee and Partner at Pearne Gordon.
  • Micheline Kelly Johnson, Partner at Taylor English Duma LLP. 

When is the session taking place?

It's on Thursday 5 October 2023, at 11-1230 and it's part of the FICPI Open Forum's IP practice management stream.

How do I book?

Secure your Open Forum ticket by 30 July 2023 to take advantage of our mid-rate tickets. We encourage you to book earlier to secure your hotel room of choice.

Book your hotel room as soon as you’ve received confirmation of your Open Forum registration, to ensure you benefit from FICPI’s special discounted rates at the conference hotel. We’ve secured a number of hotel rooms at a special FICPI rate.

Remember that as well as entering your special promotional code, you must also select “Promotional Rates” from the dropdown menu to view the beneficial rates secured for FICPI’s guests. It’s important to book following the procedure above to ensure that the hotel recognises the rooms as being part of the FICPI booking.

Find out more and make your reservation here.

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