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FICPI, The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys

FICPI 17th Open Forum, Venice 2017

Venice, Italy. 25 Oct - 28 Oct 2017

Read FICPI 17th Open Forum, Venice 2017 Brochure

Read FICPI 17th Open Forum, Venice 2017 Working Programme


Working Programme — Day One

Session Number Session Name Presenter Name Presentation
Plenary Mediation: An interactive experience Harry Reinhardt (DE) - Moderator Download
Thelma Butts (ES)
Robert S. Katz (US)
Alain M. Leclerc (CA)
Antonio Pizzoli (IT)
Elia Sugrañes Coca (ES)
2.1 A Question of Priority – Five things you should know about priority rights Michael Caine (AU) - Moderator
Jiancheng Jiang (CN) Download
Brett Slaney (CA) Download
Robert Watson (GB) Download
2.2 Border Control: Special programmes to prevent piracy and counterfeiting Johan Løje (DK) - Moderator Download
Alex Hyon Cho (KR) Download
Theda König Horowicz (CH) Download
Gabriel Leonardos (BR) Download
Lorne Lipkus (CA) Download
Louise Myburgh (ZA) Download
Lei (Ray) Zhao (CN) Download
2.3 Finding the Right People: How to find and get the people you need Guillaume de la Bigne (FR) - Moderator Download
Tim Henderson (US) Download
Matthis Pierotti (FR) Download
Mark D. Schuman (US) Download
Keynote The European Patent Office Julian Crump (GB) - Moderator
Benoît Battistelli (DE) Download
3.1 Disclosures in the Grey Area Johan Örtenblad (SE) - Moderator Download
Dr. MaryAnne Armstrong (US) Download
Dr. Roberto Pistolesi (IT) Download
Mark Powell (US) Download
3.2 International Trade Mark & Design/Patent Litigation: Gucci v. Guess – Apple v. Samsung. What lessons can be learned? Ellen B. Shankman (IL) - Moderator
Dr. Raffaella Barbuto (IT) Download
Micheline Kelly Johnson (US) Download
Aurélia Marie (FR) Download
Robert Storey (CA) Download
Gloria Q. Wu (CN) Download
3.3 Keeping the Right People Alain M. Leclerc (CA) - Moderator Download
Tim Henderson (US)
Dr. Marcus von Hermanni (DE)
4.1 3D Printing: What to do when the Infringer is everywhere John Hornick (US) - Moderator & Speaker Download
Jean-Robert Callon de Lamarck (FR) Download
Hiroyuki Suda (JP) Download
4.2 What is Registrable as a Trade Mark and Where? Lisa J. Moyles (US)
Alonso Camargo (MX) Download
France Delord (GB) Download
Marina Grineva (RU) Download
Stefan Hubacher (CH) Download
Ricardo Mejía (CL) Download
Coleen Morrison (CA) Download
Joseph Yang (CN) Download
Rachel L. Zhang (CN) Download
4.3 Time Management: Staying in control of your working day (and keeping your sanity!) Dr. Karl Heinz Rackette (DE) - Moderator Download
R. Danny Huntington (US)
Louis Lagler (CH)


Working Programme — Day Two

Session Number Session Name Presenter Name Presentation
5.1 Self-Collision: How to avoid shooting your client in the foot! Philip Mendes da Costa (CA) - Moderator
Andrew D. Meikle (US) Download
Jan Modin (SE) Download
Shogo Ohnishi (JP) Download
5.2 International IP Rights: Tips and tricks international trade mark applications Paula Sailas (FI) - Moderator Download
Sandra Epp Ryan (US) Download
Shunji Sato (JP) Download
Lena Shen (CN) Download
Àsta Valdimarsdottir (CH) Download
Leigh A. Walters (CA) Download
5.3 Management in a Nutshell: Simple things to do and to avoid Marek Łazewski (PL) - Moderator Download
J. Alan Aucoin (CA)
Michelle Ma (CN)
Hannu Syrjälä (FI)
6.1 Online Platforms – Why do you still need a patent attorney? Kim Finnilä (FI) - Moderator
Louis-Pierre Gravelle (CA) Download
Michael Richardson (CH) Download
Samson Yu (CN) Download
6.2 Trade Marks and the Bottom Line: Valuation of Trade Marks and Branding in the 21st Century C. Gregory Gramenopoulos (US) - Moderator Download
Malik Al-Kammaz (QA) Download
Accompanying Paper Download
Steven Brown (AU) Download
Accompanying Paper Download
Daniel R. Collopy (SG) Download
Robert Cumming (GB) Download
Accompanying Paper Download
Frédéric Serra (CH) Download
Accompanying Paper Download
6.3 Cooperation with Non-Lawyer Firms: Bridging the gap between IP firms and external service providers Didier Intès (FR)
Laurent Inard (FR) Download
Dinesh N. Melwani (US) Download
Mathieu Vandermolen (GR) Download
7.1 Extra Judicial Enforcement: Crossing Borders David Weaver (US) - Moderator Download
Matthew Hitching (GB) Download
Dr. Roland Kehrwald (DE) Download
Denis Monegier du Sorbier (FR) Download
7.2 Emerging Markets: Are you ready to advise your clients? Bastiaan Koster (ZA) - Moderator Download
Fernando dos Santos (ZW) Download
Andrés Melossi (CL) Download
Essenese Obhan (IN) Download
7.3 Decision Making: How to come to a decision in a partnership Dr. Patrick P. Erk (DE) - Moderator Download
Magnus Hallin (SE)
Jens Lillebæk (DK)
André Werner (CH)

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