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Resolution Summary April 2019 Choose Language
Resolution Summary

April 2019 Turin, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT19/RES/001 3D Printed Tissues and Organs Download EXCO/IT19/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/001 in German
EXCO/IT19/RES/002 Assessing Priority of Design Applications Download EXCO/IT19/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/002 in German
EXCO/IT19/RES/003 Virtual Designs Download EXCO/IT19/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/003 in German
EXCO/IT19/RES/004 Issuance of IP Office Guidelines Download EXCO/IT19/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/004 in German
EXCO/IT19/RES/005 Online Filing Systems Download EXCO/IT19/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/005 in German
EXCO/IT19/RES/006 Procedure for Challenging Unity of Invention Objections Download EXCO/IT19/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/006 in German
EXCO/IT19/RES/007 Substantive Aspects of Unity of Invention Download EXCO/IT19/RES/007 in English Download EXCO/IT19/RES/007 in French Download EXCO/IT19/RES/007 in German

June 2018 Toronto, Canada Choose Language
CONGRESS/2018/RES/001 Harmonised approach for the protection of GUIs and Icons Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/001 in French Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/001 in German Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/001 in English
CONGRESS/2018/RES/002 Patent Eligibility Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/002 in French Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/002 in German Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/002 in English
CONGRESS/2018/RES/003 Virtual IP firms abiding by professional and ethical rules Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/003 in French Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/003 in German Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/003 in English
CONGRESS/2018/RES/004 Examination of slogan marks Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/004 in French Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/004 in German Download CONGRESS/2018/RES/004 in English
EXCO/CA18/RES/001 Conflicting applications Download EXCO/CA18/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/001 in German Download EXCO/CA18/RES/001 in English
EXCO/CA18/RES/002 PCT National Phase Requirements Download EXCO/CA18/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/002 in German Download EXCO/CA18/RES/002 in English
EXCO/CA18/RES/003 BREXIT and Trade Mark Use Download EXCO/CA18/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/003 in German Download EXCO/CA18/RES/003 in English
EXCO/CA18/RES/004 BREXIT and European Patents with Unitary Effect Download EXCO/CA18/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/004 in German Download EXCO/CA18/RES/004 in English
EXCO/CA18/RES/005 BREXIT and transition of EU registered rights and applications therefor Download EXCO/CA18/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/005 in German Download EXCO/CA18/RES/005 in English
EXCO/CA18/RES/006 Trademark Letters of Consent Download EXCO/CA18/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/CA18/RES/006 in German
EXCO/CA18/RES/007 Trademark Applicants should be given reasonable length of time to respond… Download EXCO/CA18/RES/007 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/007 in English Download EXCO/CA18/RES/007 in German
EXCO/CA18/RES/008 Late objections for lack of unity of invention Download EXCO/CA18/RES/008 in French Download EXCO/CA18/RES/008 in English Download EXCO/CA18/RES/008 in German

March 2017 Hangzhou, China Choose Language
EXCO/2017/RES/001 Protection of Country Names Download EXCO/2017/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/2017/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/2017/RES/001 in German
EXCO/CN17/RES/002 Administrative Measures before Patent Offices for Ensuring High Quality Patents Download EXCO/CN17/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CN17/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/CN17/RES/002 in German
EXCO/CN17/RES/003 PCT National Phase Entry by Electronic Means Download EXCO/CN17/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/CN17/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CN17/RES/003 in German
EXCO/CN17/RES/004 TRIPs and Extreme Backlogs in Patent Examination Download EXCO/CN17/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/CN17/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/CN17/RES/004 in German

April 2016 Zurich, Switzerland Choose Language
EXCO/CH16/RES/001 TRIPS Compliance Download EXCO/CH16/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/CH16/RES/001 in Portuguese Download EXCO/CH16/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/CH16/RES/001 in Spanish Download EXCO/CH16/RES/001 in German
EXCO/CH16/RES/002 Examination of applications for design protection Download EXCO/CH16/RES/002 in Spanish Download EXCO/CH16/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/CH16/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CH16/RES/002 in Portuguese Download EXCO/CH16/RES/002 in German
EXCO/CH16/RES/003 Accurate registers in the Madrid System Download EXCO/CH16/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/CH16/RES/003 in Spanish Download EXCO/CH16/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CH16/RES/003 in Portuguese Download EXCO/CH16/RES/003 in German
EXCO/CH16/RES/004 Avoidance of limitations of use of trade marks and trade dress Download EXCO/CH16/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/CH16/RES/004 in Spanish Download EXCO/CH16/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/CH16/RES/004 in Portuguese Download EXCO/CH16/RES/004 in German

April 2015 Cape Town, South Africa Choose Language
EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 Follow on Patents in the Pharmaceutical Area Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in Arabic Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in Chinese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in German Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in Spanish Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in Japanese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/001 in Korean
EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 Information Disclosure Requirements from Patent Offices Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in Arabic Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in Chinese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in German Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in Spanish Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in Japanese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/002 in Korean
EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 Office Cooperation and User Input Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in Arabic Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in Chinese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in German Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in Spanish Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in Japanese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/003 in Korean
EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 Urgent need for legislation for Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) for Unitary Patents (UP Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in Arabic Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in Chinese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in German Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in Spanish Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in Japanese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/004 in Korean
EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 Patent Figures in Colour Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in Arabic Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in Chinese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in German Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in Spanish Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in Japanese Download EXCO/ZA15/RES/005 in Korean

November 2014 Barcelona, Spain Choose Language
EXCO/ES14/RES/001 Protection of trade secrets in the European Union (EU) Download EXCO/ES14/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/ES14/RES/001 in German Download EXCO/ES14/RES/001 in English
EXCO/ES14/RES/002 Trade Marks in Black and White Download EXCO/ES14/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/ES14/RES/002 in German Download EXCO/ES14/RES/002 in English
EXCO/ES14/RES/003 Double Patenting Download EXCO/ES14/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/ES14/RES/003 in German Download EXCO/ES14/RES/003 in English

April 2014 Kyoto, Japan Choose Language
EXCO/JP14/RES/001 Mailbox Patents Download EXCO/JP14/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/JP14/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/JP14/RES/001 in German Download EXCO/JP14/RES/001 in Portuguese
EXCO/JP14/RES/002 Sequence Listing Download EXCO/JP14/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/JP14/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/JP14/RES/002 in German
EXCO/JP14/RES/003 Protection of Geographical Indications for non-food products in the European Union (EU) Download EXCO/JP14/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/JP14/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/JP14/RES/003 in German
EXCO/JP14/RES/004 Industrial Applicability Requirement in Pharmaceutical Patents Download EXCO/JP14/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/JP14/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/JP14/RES/004 in German

September 2013 Sorrento, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT13/RES/001 Restoration of Priority Rights Download EXCO/IT13/RES/001 in German Download EXCO/IT13/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/IT13/RES/001 in English
EXCO/IT13/RES/002 Legal Advice by IP authorities Download EXCO/IT13/RES/002 in German Download EXCO/IT13/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/IT13/RES/002 in English
EXCO/IT13/RES/003 Subject Matter Eligible for Patent Protection Download EXCO/IT13/RES/003 in German Download EXCO/IT13/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/IT13/RES/003 in English
EXCO/IT13/RES/004 Confidentiality in IP advice Download EXCO/IT13/RES/004 in German Download EXCO/IT13/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/IT13/RES/004 in English
EXCO/IT13/RES/005 Privilege of Representatives in the Proceedings before the Unified Patent Court Download EXCO/IT13/RES/005 in German Download EXCO/IT13/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/IT13/RES/005 in English
EXCO/IT13/RES/006 National Phases of PCT applications Download EXCO/IT13/RES/006 in German Download EXCO/IT13/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/IT13/RES/006 in English

January 2013 Cartagena, Colombia Choose Language
EXCO/CO13/RES/001 Cooperative Patent Classification Download EXCO/CO13/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/CO13/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/CO13/RES/001 in German
EXCO/CO13/RES/002 Establishment of a specialised Trade Mark and Design Tribunal according to Article 257 TFEU Download EXCO/CO13/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/CO13/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CO13/RES/002 in German
EXCO/CO13/RES/003 Paris Convention Article 4C4 Download EXCO/CO13/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/CO13/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CO13/RES/003 in German
EXCO/CO13/RES/004 IP5 Observer Status Download EXCO/CO13/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/CO13/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/CO13/RES/004 in German
EXCO/CO13/RES/005 Search Tools of Patent Offices Download EXCO/CO13/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/CO13/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/CO13/RES/005 in German

April 2012 Melbourne, Australia Choose Language
EXCO/AU12/RES/001 Patent Quality Download EXCO/AU12/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/AU12/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/AU12/RES/001 in German
EXCO/AU12/RES/002 Coordination of Search Download EXCO/AU12/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/AU12/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/AU12/RES/002 in German
EXCO/AU12/RES/003 Representation before Intellectual Property Offices Download EXCO/AU12/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/AU12/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/AU12/RES/003 in German
EXCO/AU12/RES/004 General cooperation and communication between the IP profession and IP authorities to the benefit of Download EXCO/AU12/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/AU12/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/AU12/RES/004 in German

November 2011 Rome, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT11/RES/001 Direct Communications from Offices to Rights Holders Download EXCO/IT11/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/001 in German Download EXCO/IT11/RES/001 in Arabic
EXCO/IT11/RES/002 Post-Filing Amendments Download EXCO/IT11/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/002 in German
EXCO/IT11/RES/003 Reinstatement of Rights in Industrial Designs Download EXCO/IT11/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/003 in German Download EXCO/IT11/RES/003 in Arabic
EXCO/IT11/RES/004 Dies Non and Electronic Filing Download EXCO/IT11/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/004 in German Download EXCO/IT11/RES/004 in Arabic
EXCO/IT11/RES/005 Third Party Submissions on Patentability Download EXCO/IT11/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/005 in German Download EXCO/IT11/RES/005 in Arabic
EXCO/IT11/RES/006 Voluntary Filing and Publication of Translations for the European Patent with unitary effect Download EXCO/IT11/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/006 in German Download EXCO/IT11/RES/006 in Arabic
EXCO/IT11/RES/007 Technically Qualified Judges in the First Instance of the Unified Patent Court Download EXCO/IT11/RES/007 in English Download EXCO/IT11/RES/007 in French Download EXCO/IT11/RES/007 in German Download EXCO/IT11/RES/007 in Arabic

March 2011 Cape Town, South Africa Choose Language
EXCO/ZA11/RES/001 Grace Period (2011) Download EXCO/ZA11/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/ZA11/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/ZA11/RES/001 in German
EXCO/ZA11/RES/002 Standard for Re-establishment of Rights Download EXCO/ZA11/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/ZA11/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/ZA11/RES/002 in German

September 2010 Munich, Germany Choose Language
EXCO/DE10/RES/001 Consideration of Test Results Download EXCO/DE10/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/DE10/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/DE10/RES/001 in German
EXCO/DE10/RES/002 PLT Relief and Reinstatement Measures Download EXCO/DE10/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/DE10/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/DE10/RES/002 in German
EXCO/DE10/RES/003 Patentability of Second (or Further) Medical Uses Download EXCO/DE10/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/DE10/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/DE10/RES/003 in German

January 2010 Buenos Aires, Argentina Choose Language
EXCO/AR10/RES/001 Reduced Fee Regimes (Small Entity Fees) Download EXCO/AR10/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/AR10/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/AR10/RES/001 in German
EXCO/AR10/RES/002 ACTA Negotiations Download EXCO/AR10/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/AR10/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/AR10/RES/002 in German
EXCO/AR10/RES/003 PCT Roadmap Download EXCO/AR10/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/AR10/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/AR10/RES/003 in German
EXCO/AR10/RES/004 Searches in National/Regional Phases of PCT Applications Download EXCO/AR10/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/AR10/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/AR10/RES/004 in German
EXCO/AR10/RES/005 Deferred Examination Download EXCO/AR10/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/AR10/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/AR10/RES/005 in German
EXCO/AR10/RES/006 Pre-Grant Publication Download EXCO/AR10/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/AR10/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/AR10/RES/006 in German

June 2009 Washington DC, USA Choose Language
EXCO/US09/RES/001 Consistent Application of IP laws and practices Download EXCO/US09/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/US09/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/US09/RES/001 in German
EXCO/US09/RES/002 IP advisor/client privilege Download EXCO/US09/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/US09/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/US09/RES/002 in German

October 2008 Florence, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT08/RES/001 Support for the WIPO Standing Committee (SCT) Download EXCO/IT08/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/IT08/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/IT08/RES/001 in German
EXCO/IT08/RES/002 Inventive Step at the European Patent Office Download EXCO/IT08/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/IT08/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/IT08/RES/002 in German
EXCO/IT08/RES/003 Madrid Trademark System Improvements Download EXCO/IT08/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/IT08/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/IT08/RES/003 in German

April 2008 Sydney, Australia Choose Language
EXCO/AU08/RES/001 Grace Period for Unregistered Community Designs Download EXCO/AU08/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/AU08/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/AU08/RES/001 in German
EXCO/AU08/RES/002 Grace Period and Declaration for Patents Download EXCO/AU08/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/AU08/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/AU08/RES/002 in German

November 2007 Seville, Spain Choose Language
EXCO/ES07/RES/001 Recognising the Unique Skills of the Patent Attorney Profession Download EXCO/ES07/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/ES07/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/ES07/RES/001 in German
EXCO/ES07/RES/002 IP Information Services and Helpdesks provided by Public Authorities Download EXCO/ES07/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/ES07/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/ES07/RES/002 in German
EXCO/ES07/RES/003 Divisional Patent Applications Download EXCO/ES07/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/ES07/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/ES07/RES/003 in German

June 2007 Amsterdam, Netherlands Choose Language
EXCO/NL07/RES/001 Prior User Rights and a Novelty Grace Period Download EXCO/NL07/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/NL07/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/NL07/RES/001 in German

December 2006 Santiago, Chile Choose Language
EXCO/CL06/RES/001 Representation by Intellectual Property Attorneys in Appeals Download EXCO/CL06/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/CL06/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/CL06/RES/001 in German
EXCO/CL06/RES/002 Main Implementation Requirement for the “London Agreement” Download EXCO/CL06/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/CL06/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CL06/RES/002 in German
EXCO/CL06/RES/003 Fair Use of Trademarks Download EXCO/CL06/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/CL06/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CL06/RES/003 in German

May 2006 Paris, France Choose Language
EXCO/FR06/RES/001 Identity (“WHOIS”) information Download EXCO/FR06/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/FR06/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/FR06/RES/001 in German
EXCO/FR06/RES/002 National Intellectual Property Offices Download EXCO/FR06/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/FR06/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/FR06/RES/002 in German
EXCO/FR06/RES/003 Quality Patents Download EXCO/FR06/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/FR06/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/FR06/RES/003 in German

November 2005 Lisbon, Portugal Choose Language
EXCO/PT05/RES/001 Opposition Practice Download EXCO/PT05/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/PT05/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/PT05/RES/001 in German
EXCO/PT05/RES/002 Compulsory Licensing of Pharmaceutical Patents for export to Countries with Public Health Problems Download EXCO/PT05/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/PT05/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/PT05/RES/002 in German

May 2005 Seoul, Korea, Republic of Choose Language
EXCO/KR05/RES/001 Unpublished Prior Art Download EXCO/KR05/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/KR05/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/KR05/RES/001 in German
EXCO/KR05/RES/002 Prior Art Effect Irrespective of Language Download EXCO/KR05/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/KR05/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/KR05/RES/002 in German
EXCO/KR05/RES/003 Progress Towards Harmonization Download EXCO/KR05/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/KR05/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/KR05/RES/003 in German
EXCO/KR05/RES/004 Patent Attorney Services in the Internal Market Download EXCO/KR05/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/KR05/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/KR05/RES/004 in German

October 2004 Venice, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT04/RES/001 Proposal on Disclosure Requirements Relating to Genetic Material Resources Download EXCO/IT04/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/IT04/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/IT04/RES/001 in German
EXCO/IT04/RES/002 Trade Mark Opposition proceedings in the European Union Download EXCO/IT04/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/IT04/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/IT04/RES/002 in German

February 2004 Singapore, Singapore Choose Language
EXCO/SG04/RES/001 Proposal for a Directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions Download EXCO/SG04/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/SG04/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/SG04/RES/001 in German
EXCO/SG04/RES/002 SPLT Harmonization Download EXCO/SG04/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/SG04/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/SG04/RES/002 in German
EXCO/SG04/RES/003 Harmonization not Centralisation Download EXCO/SG04/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/SG04/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/SG04/RES/003 in German
EXCO/SG04/RES/004 The Patenting of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in the EU Download EXCO/SG04/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/SG04/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/SG04/RES/004 in German
EXCO/SG04/RES/005 Community Patent Translations Download EXCO/SG04/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/SG04/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/SG04/RES/005 in German

June 2003 Berlin, Germany Choose Language
EXCO/DE03/RES/001 Development of the International Patent System Download EXCO/DE03/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/001 in German
EXCO/DE03/RES/002 Strengthening the PCT International Phase Download EXCO/DE03/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/002 in German
EXCO/DE03/RES/003 Implementation of the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) Download EXCO/DE03/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/003 in German
EXCO/DE03/RES/004 Qualification of Professional Representatives, and practice across national borders Download EXCO/DE03/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/004 in German
EXCO/DE03/RES/005 Community Patent - Representation before the Patent Courts Download EXCO/DE03/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/005 in German
EXCO/DE03/RES/006 ExCo Resolutions A: Consideration of Prior Trade Mark Rights in IP Offices Download EXCO/DE03/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/006 in German
EXCO/DE03/RES/007 ExCo Resolutions B: Revalidation Patents Download EXCO/DE03/RES/007 in English Download EXCO/DE03/RES/007 in French Download EXCO/DE03/RES/007 in German

October 2002 Prague, Czech Republic Choose Language
EXCO/CZ02/RES/001 Grace Period (2002) Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/001 in German
EXCO/CZ02/RES/002 Disclaimers Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/002 in German
EXCO/CZ02/RES/003 Exploitation of Patented Inventions Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/003 in German
EXCO/CZ02/RES/004 Information Disclosure Statements Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/004 in German
EXCO/CZ02/RES/005 Concerning the Doha Declaration on the TRIPs Agreement and Public Health Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/CZ02/RES/005 in German

March 2002 Newport Beach, USA Choose Language
EXCO/US02/RES/001 Concerning Rule 12 of the Draft Substantive Patent Law Treaty - Interpretation of Claims Download EXCO/US02/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/US02/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/US02/RES/001 in German
EXCO/US02/RES/002 Multiple Invention Disclosures and Complex Applications Download EXCO/US02/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/US02/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/US02/RES/002 in German
EXCO/US02/RES/003 Resolution on Small Entity Download EXCO/US02/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/US02/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/US02/RES/003 in German

September 2001 Goodwood Park, United Kingdom Choose Language
EXCO/GB01/RES/001 Implementation of TRIPs in relation to Pharmaceuticals Download EXCO/GB01/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/GB01/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/GB01/RES/001 in German
EXCO/GB01/RES/002 Prior Art Effect of Prior Applications Download EXCO/GB01/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/GB01/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/GB01/RES/002 in German
EXCO/GB01/RES/003 General Principles of PCT Reform Download EXCO/GB01/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/GB01/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/GB01/RES/003 in German
EXCO/GB01/RES/004 European Patent Translations Download EXCO/GB01/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/GB01/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/GB01/RES/004 in German

February 2001 Seville, Spain Choose Language
EXCO/ES01/RES/001 Simplification of Guidelines in Patent Grant Procedures Download EXCO/ES01/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/ES01/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/ES01/RES/001 in German
EXCO/ES01/RES/002 Harmonisation in Electronic Filing Download EXCO/ES01/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/ES01/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/ES01/RES/002 in German

June 2000 Vancouver, Canada Choose Language
EXCO/CA00/RES/001 Privilege Download EXCO/CA00/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/001 in German
EXCO/CA00/RES/002 Uniform procedure for patent enforcement Download EXCO/CA00/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/002 in German
EXCO/CA00/RES/003 Official Surplus Download EXCO/CA00/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/003 in German
EXCO/CA00/RES/004 Maintaining the Quality of Patent Office Work Download EXCO/CA00/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/004 in German
EXCO/CA00/RES/005 Business Methods Download EXCO/CA00/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/005 in German
EXCO/CA00/RES/006 International Grace Period Download EXCO/CA00/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/006 in German
EXCO/CA00/RES/007 Scope of software protection Download EXCO/CA00/RES/007 in English Download EXCO/CA00/RES/007 in French Download EXCO/CA00/RES/007 in German

June 1999 Helsinki, Finland Choose Language
EXCO/FI99/RES/001 EPC translation requirements Download EXCO/FI99/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/FI99/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/FI99/RES/001 in German
EXCO/FI99/RES/002 The Profession of Patent Attorney within the Area of the Internal Market Download EXCO/FI99/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/FI99/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/FI99/RES/002 in German
EXCO/FI99/RES/003 Observer’s Status at the Intergovernmental Conference Download EXCO/FI99/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/FI99/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/FI99/RES/003 in German

October 1998 Florence, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT98/RES/001 Resolution concerning the Diplomatic Conference 1999 on the Hague Agreement Download EXCO/IT98/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/IT98/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/IT98/RES/001 in German
EXCO/IT98/RES/002 Resolution Concerning Extension of Protection Download EXCO/IT98/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/IT98/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/IT98/RES/002 in German

September 1997 Copenhagen, Denmark Choose Language
EXCO/DK97/RES/001 Substantive Harmonization Download EXCO/DK97/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/001 in German
EXCO/DK97/RES/002 Harmonization Download EXCO/DK97/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/002 in German
EXCO/DK97/RES/003 Cost Efficiency in the Patent System Download EXCO/DK97/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/003 in German
EXCO/DK97/RES/004 European Decentralisation Download EXCO/DK97/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/004 in German
EXCO/DK97/RES/005 PCT Development Download EXCO/DK97/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/005 in German
EXCO/DK97/RES/006 European Community Directive to Harmonize National Laws on Utility Model Protection Download EXCO/DK97/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/006 in German
EXCO/DK97/RES/007 Improving the value of Patents Download EXCO/DK97/RES/007 in English Download EXCO/DK97/RES/007 in French Download EXCO/DK97/RES/007 in German

October 1987 Hilton Head Island, USA Choose Language
EXCO/US87/RES/001 Harmonisation of Patent Laws (1987) Download EXCO/US87/RES/001 in English

October 1986 Melbourne, Australia Choose Language
EXCO/AU86/RES/001 Micro-organisms Download EXCO/AU86/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/AU86/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/AU86/RES/001 in German
EXCO/AU86/RES/002 Harmonisation of Patent Laws Download EXCO/AU86/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/AU86/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/AU86/RES/002 in German
EXCO/AU86/RES/003 Anti-counterfeiting - Which measures are to be proposed Download EXCO/AU86/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/AU86/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/AU86/RES/003 in German
EXCO/AU86/RES/004 Resolution to Accelerate the Admission Procedure Download EXCO/AU86/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/AU86/RES/004 in French

January 1986 Madeira, Portugal Choose Language
EXCO/PT86/RES/001 Protection of Computer Software Download EXCO/PT86/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/PT86/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/PT86/RES/001 in German
EXCO/PT86/RES/002 Harmonisation of Patent Laws (1986) Download EXCO/PT86/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/PT86/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/PT86/RES/002 in German
EXCO/PT86/RES/003 Representation before the Common Appeal Court (COPAC) to be established in connection with the Commu Download EXCO/PT86/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/PT86/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/PT86/RES/003 in German

October 1983 Vienna, Austria Choose Language
EXCO/AT83/RES/001 Centenary of the Paris Convention of 1883 Download EXCO/AT83/RES/001 in English
EXCO/AT83/RES/002 Grace Period Bis Download EXCO/AT83/RES/002 in English
EXCO/AT83/RES/003 Annuity Payment Organisations Download EXCO/AT83/RES/003 in English

October 1981 Edinburgh, United Kingdom Choose Language
EXCO/GB81/RES/001 Grace Period (1981) Download EXCO/GB81/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/GB81/RES/001 in French Download EXCO/GB81/RES/001 in German
EXCO/GB81/RES/002 PCT Download EXCO/GB81/RES/002 in English Download EXCO/GB81/RES/002 in French Download EXCO/GB81/RES/002 in German
EXCO/GB81/RES/003 EPO Documentation Download EXCO/GB81/RES/003 in English Download EXCO/GB81/RES/003 in French Download EXCO/GB81/RES/003 in German
EXCO/GB81/RES/004 EPO National Phase Download EXCO/GB81/RES/004 in English Download EXCO/GB81/RES/004 in French Download EXCO/GB81/RES/004 in German
EXCO/GB81/RES/005 Computer Software Download EXCO/GB81/RES/005 in English Download EXCO/GB81/RES/005 in French Download EXCO/GB81/RES/005 in German
EXCO/GB81/RES/006 Limited Liability Download EXCO/GB81/RES/006 in English Download EXCO/GB81/RES/006 in French Download EXCO/GB81/RES/006 in German

September 1967 Cannes, France Choose Language
EXCO/FR67/RES/001 Patent Cooperation Treaty (B.I.R.P.I. Plan) Download EXCO/FR67/RES/001 in English Download EXCO/FR67/RES/001 in French

May 1960 Rome, Italy Choose Language
EXCO/IT60/RES/001 Procedure for granting patents Download EXCO/IT60/RES/001 in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/002 Bringing different procedures and legislation into line Download EXCO/IT60/RES/002 in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/003 Protection of drawings and specimens Download EXCO/IT60/RES/003 in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/004BC Trade Marks and Specimens Download EXCO/IT60/RES/004BC in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/004E Protection of Pharmaceutical Products Download EXCO/IT60/RES/004E in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/004F Reform of the examination procedure in the United States Download EXCO/IT60/RES/004F in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/006 Professional activities of Patent Agents Download EXCO/IT60/RES/006 in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/007B1 Extension of times Download EXCO/IT60/RES/007B1 in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/007B2 Service Marks Download EXCO/IT60/RES/007B2 in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/008A Obtaining a valid filing date Download EXCO/IT60/RES/008A in English
EXCO/IT60/RES/008D Deontology Download EXCO/IT60/RES/008D in English

September 1959 Copenhagen, Denmark Choose Language
EXCO/DK59/RES/001 Résolution 1 du Comité Exécutif, Copenhague, les 11 et 12 septembre 1959
EXCO/DK59/RES/002 Résolution 2 du Comité Exécutif, Copenhague, les 11 et 12 septembre 1959

April 1956 Brussels, Belgium Choose Language
EXCO/BE56/RES/001 Résolution du Comité Exécutif, Bruxelles, le 28 avril 1956 Download EXCO/BE56/RES/001 in French



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